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Is the Lack of DSBSPWLK Intentional?

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Sounds are tricky. I made a missing_sounds.wad awhile ago. It is hard to tell if a sound is missing, so the blank sounds I replaced with a beep.


I am sure there are also more blank sounds.

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The current list of missing sounds appears to be...

sed -ne '/^\[sounds/,/^\[/p' wadinfo_phase2.txt | grep dummy
dspedth = dummy
dsbspwlk = dummy
dsflame = dummy
dsflamst = dummy
dsbospit = dummy
dsbospn = dummy


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Very much help! Ill craft a tone and make a new sounds wad. But there is still a problem, we need people that can make sounds to actually use it. 


What I have found does work, is to make a terrible placeholder. So all players will be forced to hear it, influencing their decision to just make their own.

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The flame and bos sounds are OK, should be committed. The pedth sounds are strange since they are based on the door sounds, but v1 is better than v2.


Not sure about the bspwlk sounds though. Doesn't sound like steps, more like dragging.

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