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Depths, multi wad set.

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I'm starting on a new project called Depths. It's far more run-n-gun than my previous work, Torn.
I'll be streaming development as much as I can at https://www.twitch.tv/marketanarchy/


I'm including some images I'll be using for inspiration.


The first wad is called Dive

Map 1: "The Facility"
You break into a secret facility and disable the security system.



Map 2: "The Docks"

You make it through the facility to the Dock and enter the submarine.


Map 3: "The Arrival"
You leave the sub and enter the station, it has lots of unpowered doors.


Map 4: "The Power"
You turn on the station's power system, doors open, bad stuff comes out.


Map 5: "The Overlook"

You reach the research facility observation deck overlooking a rift in the ocean's floor.


Map 6: "The Flow"
You fight your way to the rift.

Map 7: "The Rift"
Secure the containment of the rift, and go in.

If anyone would like to contribute, let me know. I'll be modifying the bestiary, using a custom palette and color map, and creating a custom texture pack.



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So, I've been able to make rolling waves with a dock that floats over it in prboom+. It'd be nice if I could get my images and palette to work though.


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