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Beat No Demos Month

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Surprise middle-of-month event, and this time you do not need to beat anyone's demos or compete with anyone—all you need to do is table-fill. Post your random previously undone misc wad maxes here. Or fillers for some obscure category on an IWAD map. Or just demos that have been sitting on your hard drive for years because they are not up to your standards. Effort is optional. Points will be gained as follows:

  • 5 points for an undone UV-Max
  • 3 points for an undone UV-Speed
  • 2 points for an undone NM100, NM-Speed, or UV -fast
  • 0.5 points for nomo
  • 1 point for any other category
  • no points for FDAs, max attempts/faildemos, or TASes
  • no points for demos slower than current records (including existing speeds slower than maxes or pacifists), although you may post those in this thread
  • demo submissions must contain organized textfiles still or I will just ignore them (basically, don't dump a huge zip of random disorganized lmp files)
  • should still use the appropriate source port for the map being recorded


Demos must be posted by end-of-day April 26th.


Previous thread - Memfis

Old threads:


  Player            Points

  Revved            340
  Zahid             302
  TimeOfDeath       124
  paymentplan       118
  4shockblast       115
  The Bandit        105
  RjY               75
  Grazza            53
  Veinen            40
  Keyboard_Doomer   10.5
  Kraflab           5
  Ancalagon         5
  Ryback            5
  j4rio             5
  Benjogami         5
  38_ViTa_38        2
  Kpa6              1
Edited by 4shockblast

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Yeah, I'd say nomos should go for like... 0.25p at most, heh.

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Here's a bunch of garbage:

21.wad UV-Max in 2:26. Including this wad in the zip since the old download links I used for this are gone (it's from D! Zone).

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 10 Map 01 UV Pacifist/speed in 0:23.

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 21 Map 02 UV-Max in 1:08.

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 21 Map 02 Nomo in 0:10.

Bunker UV-Speed in 0:46.

Doom 2 in Name Only Map 24 Nomo in 0:51.86.

Doom 2 in Name Only Map 24 UV Pacifist/speed in 1:07.

The Evil Courtyards UV-Max with -solo-net in 1:38.

Happy Valentine's Day UV-Speed in 0:22.

#DooM Speedmapping Session 2 Map 08 UV Pacifist/speed in 0:08.

Hemifax NM-Speed in 0:09.

Mockery Grandmaster Tyson in 0:41.

The Ultimate NMD E1M2 Nomo in 0:35.94.

The Ultimate NMD E1M5 Nomo in 0:40.54.

NITRO1.WAD UV-Speed in 0:59.

Nostalgic: MAP03 UV Pacifist in 0:33.

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #1 Map 09 NM-Speed in 0:03.

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #1 Map 09 Stroller in 0:08.

Countdown to Extinction Map 01 UV-Max in 0:29.


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epic - just what i needed to get my ass in gear

(plus someone beating one of my uv-speeds on aaliens... but we wont talk about that)

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it always seems funny to me whenever the organizer of any event takes part in it(and wins);p

jokes apart for years this is my favorite category in recording...it really fun to explore a new map and discover some fast route at your own.....

< Toms Road >  uv maxes

map 1 at 5:12
map 2 at 3:51
map 7 at 5:24


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22 hours ago, 4shockblast said:

Or just demos that have been sitting on your hard drive for years because they are not up to your standards

Oh boy you've asked for it now. I have lots of this kind of stuff, going back nearly 5 years. I hit a roadblock (described below) and everything after it piled up. But it's been so long, I don't care any more.





Deimos Subway

UV Speed - 1:44


UV speed of the famous classic map. Somehow not been done before. Trick: let spectre open office door from inside to skip entire east station and much of the rest. I had a 1:41 but deleted it accidentally (protip: do not use filesize when deciding which of a hundred randomly named .lmp files must have been failed runs). The heartbreak and subsequent inability to reproduce the recording is why I never published before, holding up all future releases. For the same reason, the text file is shorter than my usual. If I were enthused I would have described all the trouble spots in the run, at length.


UV Speed - 0:39

UV speed for what is still my favourite puzzle map. Was very happy to have ground it down to under 0:40. Still, sat on the recording because I've always really wanted to post a proper max for the map alongside it. Ryback evidently was not aware of the safer quicker intended way through the teleporter grid and yellow key barrel puzzles, and makes a meal of them. However I could never get anywhere close to his BFG skills and eventually gave up. Thus, another relatively short text file, otherwise I would have likely gone on about minute details in this map for pages and pages.





Galaxia (E1M9)
UV Max - 1:25


UV Max. The B-side of another famous classic map. This was a table-filler when I recorded it but Paul Gilbert has since taken the spot. However his demo is three and a half minutes longer than this previously unpublished one, whilst also supposedly being tool-assisted.





UV Speed - 2:20


UV Speed for a map that is remarkably large and difficult for its age, in particular having nowhere near enough ammo for all the monsters. However it is fun to dash through once the route is learned. I liked discovering how the slowest part could be worked around, and went from there.


UV Max - 19:25

A silly UV Max for a silly level. Unoptimized. In the years since I recorded it, /idgames has gone deletionist. Link updated.


Doom 3 Computer Station
UV Max - 1:36

UV Max, for a map by Fisk that appears never to have been released, other than on a temporary host in the thread linked above. Thus the map is included in the zip along with the demo (and a previous FDA). Hope this is okay. Bring your own tables to fill!





2015 onwards to follow, another day, when it's not so late. Hope none of the links are broken.


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22 hours ago, RjY said:

2015 onwards to follow, another day, when it's not so late.





UV Speed / Pacifist - 0:51

UV Speed / Pacifist. Random /idgames choice. Most of map is skippable due to ability to press switches early. Nasty slime run to finish.


UV Speed / Pacifist - 0:44

UV Speed / Pacifist. Random /idgames choice. No tricks, just a straightforward run through a spacious map.


UV Max - 4:46

UV Max. Random /idgames choice. Fun to plot the route and figure out the exploits. Text file documents this at length.


UV Speed / Pacifist - 0:06

UV Speed / Pacifist to accompany previous max.


The Pit (pit.wad)
UV Speed - 1:10

UV Speed. /vr/ Gauntlet suggestion. Another spacious map to speed through. Not the IWAD level :) , nor "The Pit 2" (pit2.wad by the same author Gene Spinks) that is already on the DSDA.

Rule the world! (ruler.wad)
UV Max - 2:40


UV Max. Random /idgames choice. Early Malcolm Sailor wad. Rather sectional. Inspired by Doom2 maps 20 and 21. Turns out there is a 4:06 by DidierTranber already, so not sure if this counts, but it is more than a minute faster.

Rule the world! (ruler.wad)
UV Speed - 0:54


UV Speed to accompany previous max. Mostly brute force and luck. Tics away from missing the exit switch! Although reaching it before the door closes is one of the easier parts of the run as I recall.


Murder Death Kill (mdk.zip/mdk187.wad)
UV Speed - 0:48

UV Speed. Random /idgames choice. Shame about the missed pacifist opportunity.


UV Max Movie - 1:28:47

UV Max continuous run of the classic E1 co-op modification. Surprised this hadn't been done yet!




UV Speed - 1:04

UV Speed. Random /idgames choice. I like maps where you can skip most of them due to oversights. Here we have one entirely superfluous key and another that is duplicated. Sadly though this messy demo was the fastest I got. I had far cleaner looking runs that finished slower. Another one that turned out to have already been done by DidierTranber, but this is faster.


The Court Yard (cortyard.wad)
UV Speed - 0:58

UV Speed. Random /idgames choice. First exit under a minute.


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Beat Zero Demos? OK, here's a zero.


Zoa2 by CJetSki

NM Speed in 0:00


Grab a beer and some popcorn while watching this one!


Edited by Grazza

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On 3/29/2017 at 2:06 AM, Grazza said:

Is this the sort of stuff you want?

Yeah, that's perfect.


of Game pastime maxes:

Map 01 in 1:22.

Map 02 in 1:29.

Map 03 in 3:38.

Map 04 in 1:12.


Kinda cool wad with silly concept maps based on sports and games. Maps 1 and 2 are the highlight of the wad, map 3 is the only map that's just bad. All four maxes had minimal effort put into them and took at most 50ish attempts.


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I remember that Pastime wad. Fun stuff, conceptually at least, and I wish there were more wads of its ilk.


Anyway, here's another demo on Wytchlight.


Map05 UV Pacifist/Speed in 0:18. I put some effort into this one.


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OK then, these are from more than 14 years ago, and I spent a total of about 5 minutes on them. :p


Iditarod (by Myscha the Sled Dog aka T. Elliot Cannon) maps 01-04 UV -fast. Recorded with Legacy 1.40, not because the wad requires it or out of any strong preference, but because there weren't good options in 2002 for recording vanilla-compatible demos under WinXP.



Map01: 2:35

Map02: 6:56

Map03: 7:15

Map04: 10:43


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On 28/03/2017 at 10:34 PM, RjY said:


Last set from me unless I actually make some new stuff.




Recent recordings on Freedoom 0.11, following @Catoptromancy's Par Times Challenge and 100% Runs threads in Freedoom, and @Voros' thread requesting speedruns in Speed Demos.


Phase 1


C1M9 - UV Speed - 1:03


Straightforward run through the level for par time determination.


C3M6 - UV Speed - 1:18


Straightforward run through the level for par time determination.


C3M6 - UV Speed - 0:11


C3M6 trick route. Actually recorded before my "normal" run in 1:18. I got carried away with the glide. Obviously unsuitable for a par time!


Phase 2


MAP05 - UV Speed - 1:52


Straightforward run through the level for par time determination.


MAP31 - UV Speed - 0:15


Did a UV Speed and a UV Max for this one. It's one of those lovely short maps with an easily memorable route that absolutely begs optimization.


0:16 is easy, 0:14 was a shade beyond me but very likely possible.


MAP31 - UV Max - 1:13


There was some debate over the feasibility of 100% kills on this map so I figured out the route and recorded some demos which I later posted in the "100% runs" thread. As noted the squeeze past the cyberdemon is excessively luck-based but the rest feels your own fault if you die.


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CITYMAZE.WAD E1M2 UV-Max in 3:56


Strange wad I found in an old magazine coverdisc - it's unknown to Google or wad-archive.com, it's from mid 1994, and it's by Looking Glass Studios, i.e. the guys who did Ultima Underworld.


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On 4/1/2017 at 6:34 AM, Ryback said:

it's unknown to Google or wad-archive.com, it's from mid 1994, and it's by Looking Glass Studios

Woah, that's quite a rarity!

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it took more efforts making on text file than these crappy uvmax demos


Tuning Contest WAD

map 1 at 1:11 
map 3 at 2:37 

map 5 at 3:16 


at 9:50


map 2 at 3:14


map 4 at 5:28
map 5 at  2:48 
map 9 at 0:57 



Hell's Revenge


marble by Robert Dudley


Twisted Metal 1024


Caverns of Darkness

shit maxes for amazing mapset

map 8 at 5:05
map 7 at 9:24

the gate by joe pallai


map 1 at 0:58
map 2 at 1:46
map 4 at 1:10
map 5 at 1:36
map 6 at 1:49
map 7 at 0:53
map 8 at 0:53

fthls2 by David Ramos

map 2 at 4:15
map 5 nm speed at 0:22


at 9:33


at 8:04




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On 01/04/2017 at 4:25 PM, Ancalagon said:

Demos from 10+ years ago should definitely get extra points.

OK, let's scrape the barrel some more then.

modsply.wad map01 UV Speed in 0:07
phantom.wad UV Pacifist in 1:23
1337.wad map27 UV Speed in 0:28
1337.wad map28 UV Speed in 0:01
gulch.wad UV -fast in 4:40
lolspeng.wad UV Pacifist in 0:08
eob2s.wad map04 UV -fast in 3:08
grenian.wad map03 UV Pacifist in 0:42
grenian.wad map09 UV Pacifist/Reality in 0:41
ksutra.wad map03 UV Stroller in 0:11 (the best of this bunch; not sure why I didn't upload it at the time)


Combined age of these demos: > 110 years!




Edited by Grazza

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