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Some Weird Texturing/Rendering Error

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When playtesting a project (recreating 3do maps from the source), I noticed that the textures on some walls weren't showing and instead appeared completely black.

It's not a hall of mirrors or anything, and looking in the editor, the walls are textured. What's happening?

Screen (Crispy Doom):


Screen (SLADE 3):


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This particular texture has different appearances in Doom 1 IWAD (where it's 64 units wide) and in Doom 2 IWAD (where it's 128 units wide). If you've loaded both IWADs together, or used a texture resource that tries to combine Doom 1 and Doom 2 textures and that might have included both variants of this texture under the same name, it might confuse some source ports. Which IWAD did you play with, anyway?

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I'm not exactly sure what I did, but redefining the texture in the texture lump fixed the issue.

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