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Compy problems-solved!

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Well, yesterday morning, Windows pulled a stunt on me. It decided that it would get as far as the Windows98 loading screen, and then it would crash. It did just that yesterday morning when I loaded up the computer. It just....froze. So, I re-installed Windows, took the computer down to the internet place (which, verily, does double duty as a repair shop for computers), and not only did they reinstall the modem drivers on my comp so I could get on the Internet (and therefore come tell you guys about yesterday's experience) but they also solved my OpenGL drivers problem. Now I can play a game of JDoom without it crashing (it hasn't yet, knock on wood :) or OpenGL Legacy without the damned computer crashing on me.

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fraggle said:

Dont use the phrase "compy". Its unnerving.

Heh aren't compys those little dinosaurs from that one Jurassic Park movie?

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