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Flakes Doom v2.3 (Updated 01/05) Deathmatch!

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All my mods can be downloaded from their respective ZDoom forums threads, and soon in my personal blog.

Edited by GAA1992 : Links

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Hi! Erm... i know what saltwort is, but didn't got the meaning. My english is not that sharp. Either ways, i hope you liked it. :)

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Thanks for replying! Should be fixed now. Have fun! 


Edit: added screenshots to OP.

Edited by GAA1992

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This mod was updated again. Changes include:



- New machinegun sprites
- New SSG sprites
- New SSG sounds
- New SG sounds.
- New Haste sound.
- New Chaingun pickup sprites
- New environment sphere sprites
- New 3D model pickup for grenade by Zanieon!
- Now compatible with Adventures of Square!
- Old armor icon on statusbar



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This mod got updated again! This time there's two new weapons and some minor fixing, as well as a deathmatch patch for Zandronum.



- Swapped colors on name display and corrected current version
- Added a new deathmatch patch to zandronum made by YukesVonFaust.
- Added a screen on menu that display a list of compatible IWADS. ("About" section)
- Weapon priorities corrected.
- New sprites for the Heretic versions of Quad Damage and Invulnberability.
- New sound for invulnerability.
- Added two new weapons, one of them can be found on Heretic, Hexen and Deathmatch Zandronum patches: The Heavy Assault Rifle!  Micro Missiles not done yet.
The other is a Mace and Gauntlet combo that was meant for a specific Hexen class, but it couldn't be done on Zandronum, so it replaces the Cleric Staff. It takes out your fist and it's very strong to compensate the lack of proper ammo during Hexen campaign.
- Swapped the Hexen machinegun by the new heavy assault rifle.

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