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Check out what I got my hands on

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I'm about to get a hole punched in my Doom Card...but what is in that gorgeous box?!

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Wow! Only 10,000 copies were ever made. So like are ya gonna open it? Dare bees a poster in dar ya know.

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The nerd-gasm is strong with this one. Seriously, it must have been really expensive and if you open it it will surely lose value, but you should better do what you want with it. You could pretend to unbox it for the first time and get joy from it or keep it until the price and the demand go higher for it and sell it (I wouldn't be able to resist opening it). I would personally unbox it, because it would make me happy and it would still go for a few hundred dollars if I decided to sell it afterwards. Whatever the case, you got a fine item there, a piece of history to be precise.

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