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Next Total War

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Anyone else also excited for this unveil? I've been a fan of the Total War series since the first Rome, and a fan of the Warhammer Fantasy for almost as long... so I'm interested to see how they include the Lizardmen, Rat men and the pointy 'eads (dark & high elves) into this!



Also, to anyone that owns the first Total War: Warhammer; if you buy this then both the Old World and the New World (Lustria) merge and become one huge map.


Out of everything, I'm most looking forward to seeing how (or if) they implement Skaven... although I think we can all safely agree that such rumors of rats as tall as man, blessed with the most vile intellect and cunning, the dark side of our souls, come to destroy us for our sins... exist for no other purpose than to serve as tales to scare children into behaving at night! :)))





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I like the total war series but warhammer not that much... I have played rome total war 1, empire total war, napoleon total war 2, medieval total war with dlc's and the newest ones don't do it for me for some reason, I wish they would do something like id software with DOOM 2016, new but true to the original.  I'M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT M&B BANNERLORD THOUGH

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I recently played a Grand Campaign of Rome II: Total War, with a bunch of steam mods.


First and foremost, changing the soundtrack was a must for me. First I had a mod that replaced it with old movie scores, found in films like Ben Hur (1959). It was pretty cool, but the sound levels were totally inconsistent, and it became irritating after a while. But after that I installed, in my opinion, the best mod for the game; which is the original OST from the first Rome: Total War. Not only for nostalgia purposes, but it was just simply cooler, and more epic that the Rome 2:TW OST.


Another thing I changed, was the ugly interface cards. I get that they wanted it to look like painting on pottery. But screen caps of the actual units not only looks better, but is more functional. It was kind of annoying trying to sort through the unit cards when they look very similar.


Another mod that I implemented was a better looking ocean texture. Also, disabling the HDR lense effect on the in-game battles; it made it look clearer.

I also implemented better looking blood sprites, but honestly, I barely noticed a difference.


All these mods, with the patches they've made over the years, have made this game actually worth playing. I had a good time playing it. But honestly, I think EA has some pretty shitty business practices. Like the countless DLC, which makes the game cost over $100, still to this day, if you want all of it. I must be missing half of the DLCs.

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