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How to patch custom monster textures to WAD?


Hey guys!


Just making a WAD which replaces the Arch-vile textures and I put them in the WAD and nothing happens.


I'm a complete noob at custom textures so I have no clue what to do.


Also whenever I launch it in Chocolate Doom it crashes right when I would see the Arch-vile.


Thanks in advance for any help! 

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There are a lot of possibilities:

  • You're using the wrong format. You can't just fling PNGs into a WAD in SLADE and expect it to work, especially in a port like Chocolate Doom. The sprites need to all be in the Doom graphic format.
  • Doom sprites are supposed to be in between WAD markers - you need an empty lump before the custom sprites called S_START and one after called S_END.
  • Chocolate Doom in particular will not work like "normal" with custom sprites - there is a well-known limitation with the vanilla engine where PWADs can't have custom sprites at all unless you do some particular esoteric tricks. If you want to use custom sprites with Chocolate Doom the recommended method is to load the WAD using the -merge command instead of the -file command.

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