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Solace Dreams - (Version 1.6.4) New Trailer!

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18 hours ago, Ermin said:

A demonstration of the mirror boss fight remade.
I cheated weapons here so im very OP at this point in the game.


Quoting for new page!


That looks awesome! First person Bloodborne or something ...

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Hi, I know I'm about to necro this thread, but I just want the track used during the Dodgem scene. The link to the soundtrack as a whole is 404. Please bless me with that banging ass track. 🙏 

Edit: I made a whole account just for this if that helps your consideration.

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Here are 2 new video trailers/Reveal for the remake.
You will notice a lot has changed, 3d weapons have been replaced with 2D pre-rendered sprites.
And a whole ton of interactivity has been added, which im still working on.
And the melody based Soundtrack has been replaced by ambient sounds.



Edited by Ermin

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Those 2D guns look awesome. Is this still in GZDoom?


By the way that interactivity video is spooky and I don't say that often.

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