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Idle Doom: Tech Breakthrough (Final version)

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Come all, ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the tale of how Doomguy effortlessly defeated a legion of hell bigger than all of the other Doom games combined! Or just download and play it, I guess.


Download (GZDoom required, ZDoom doesn't have the features needed):



Changelog: Added TITLEPIC, sky and ending; Fixed Cyberdemons being able to kill you; Level looks a bit better.







Doomguy was relaxing after a busy day. He was playing some games on Firefox 829. Suddenly, he had an idea. He phoned his friend at UAC, John Science.


  • John: Hello, Doomguy! How are you?
  • Doomguy: Unf! Urgh grunt!
  • John: An idea to effortlessly destroy all of Hell? We run a teleporter to Hell, pull them in one by one and a we fire half a dozen BFGs at what comes through? Sounds good! Can't see that going wrong!
  • Doomguy: Ungh oomph!
  • John: I'll talk to my boss tomorrow, see if he thinks we can do it. Pass by the lab when you got the time.


The next day...


  • Doomguy: Yeaargh!
  • John: Hey there, bud! I talked to my boss and I got some bad news. UAC cut our funding on Hell-related matters. Screaming something about "more rendering servers to the megatexture gods!," whatever that means.
  • Doomguy: Urgh...
  • John: Don't worry, it wasn't a flat out no. We got a pistol and a small teleporter.
  • Doomguy: Go fuck yourself!
  • John: Easy buddy, no need to get brutal. We show them that the idea works by killing demons and he gets us funding to upgrade the system. We'll build your dream killing machine. Let me show you the prototype...



Edited by Albertoni : Changing links and stuff to finished version

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Oh whoops, forgot to mention Cyberdemon rockets can't go through the window, but the blast damage can...


Hope you had some fun at least.

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I cant tell what this is from the opening post.

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43 minutes ago, 40oz said:

I cant tell what this is from the opening post.

Something where machines kill demons for you. Then you get money for the kills and use the money to upgrade the machines so they kill faster.


It's a bit of an experimental oddball.

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