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The DWIronman League dies to: Mapgame

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April, 2017



> Download Mapgame
> 2017 Season Standings

Leaderboard & Stream Schedule


  1. # Survived +1 [00:28:48] Bloodite Krypto - Part speedrun, part brazen New York handbag thief. The turrets didn't know what him them. Nice.

  2. # Survived +1 [00:48:33] ClonedPickle - No need to enact the five-second rule on this pickle. Barely touched the ground en route to the exit.

  3. # Survived +1 [00:54:10] Demon of the Well - Why isn't Cruise Control a recognized facility name on Phobos? Get it together, UAC.

  4. # Survived +1 [00:58:55] WH-Wilou84 - Could this be Wilou's month? Risky going around M9 to 5, but it pays off with an impressive time.

  5. # Survived +1 [01:00:06] Roofi - Some sort-of-scary run-ins, but Roofi pulls up just short of the 1 hour milestone. Good result.

  6. # Survived +1 [01:01:21] an_mutt - There but for the grace of the iron gods goes an_mutt. The thinnest of ices; the Brittest of Bowls.

  7. # Survived +1 [01:14:15] Bashe - Nice work. Blindsided by a sergeant at the Slipgates (4%!) but managed to pull through in good time.

  8. # Survived +1 [01:14:20] SSGmaster - The bookies weren't confident in SSGmaster. No SSG, you see - $2.14 on Sportsbet. Not an issue!

  9. # Survived +1 [01:16:37] RjY - Sneaks in ahead of Dime. This is the only thing keeping me sane as the mapgame survivalists rock up late.

  10. # Survived +1 [01:17:44] Dime - I gave him every opportunity to win, but he wasn't supposed to take it. What's all that about?

  11. # Survived +1 [01:21:29] Anima Zero - It won't be the fastest run we see all month, but it helps set a target for the more conservative player.

  12. # Survived +1 [01:25:44] scotty - Big improvement over last month's 'rocket' run, so good job there. The enthusiasm is real.

  13. # Survived +1 [01:27:52] A2Rob - Rob opens his account with a green slab. You can ease up on the survives now, guys! Makin' me look bad.

  14. # Survived +1 [01:39:42] Dragonfly - Pulls through despite the best efforts of the baying masses. Some scary moments from m9 and up!

  15. # Survived +1 [02:27:15] Suitepee - This is Suitepee's Last Look at Eden; beyond here lies the Botanical of Rage. Yes this is a bitter obituary.

  16. # Survived +0 [00:48:07] Veinen - Blind but bullish; Veinen wastes no time and sets the standard early.

  17. # Survived +0 [00:57:07] Rathori - A few bold decisions place Rathori one up on the ladder. Nothing flash for a first CLEAR, but it's still green!

  18. # Survived +0 [00:57:28] Beginner - Barely troubled in his hour-long run.

  19. # Survived +0 [01:00:34] DoomLover234 - Spends much of his time in M6 and 7 walking about with a gammy head. 'Tis a confident run, still.

  20. # Survived +0 [01:03:45] DaIcemann76 - Technically, this is a mid-table finish; these 'obituaries' should start being less celebratory.

  21. # Survived +0 [01:10:43] dobu gabu maru - Mistook a frightful episode of zombies and turrets for a leisurely stroll on a moon base. Cool!

  22. # M8rf` - The turrets have turned upon their master. He has no power, here. WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE?

  23. # M8: Alfonzo - One theory posits that playing in a less challenging environment makes you more susceptible to sudden spikes in difficulty. Another theory is that I'm shit at Doom. These are your two options.
  24. # M7dew - Received by the homecoming party in Circuits.
  25. # M7NoisyVelvet - The turrets are making the most of their month. Died-in-the-wool 'purists' are having trouble adapting to the whirring menace.
  26. # M5: rodster - Not-so-sneaky Turret knows that an opportunity this golden may never come again.
  27. # M5Jayextee - Caught scampering around in the open; another poor lab rat in the Grand Turret Experiment of April 2017.
  28. # M5ella guro - Lost a few pints at the Slipgates; came undone at the doorstep of a Technician's Nightmare.
  29. # M5bzzrak - You know that scene in Jurassic Park where they lower the goat into the t-rex holding pen? Yeah, it's that, except self-serving.
  30. # M5JudgeDeadd - Shot by a zombieman. Clearly, the residents don't take kindly to the 'boring' accusations against their estate.
  31. # M5floatRand - ...Would have fallen prey to the turrets outside, but for the perfectly positioned sergeant on the 'hilltop'.
  32. # M5: Walter confetti - Staring at a turret face-on is not a good idea, generally speaking. They don't move, you see. No warning animation. Dead.
  33. # M4Eris Falling - In Mapgame, turrets only come in singles or pairs. This will be my only opportunity to use the phrase 'bullet bukakke'.
  34. # M4NecrumWarrior - Bled his way close to the finish line, then got singed by an opportunist imp.
  35. # M9TMD - O captain, my captain! President of all that is pithy and pissed. A most entertaining Donut.
  36. # M9: tourniquet - By the time he'd figured out what was going on, he was 60% bullets.
  37. # M9cannonball - Touched up by turrets, finished off by sergeants.
  38. # M2Ancalagon - There's no way to put this delicately; it wasn't a delicate situation. Chewed apart by demons.
  39. # M1: 4shockblast - I'll be honest; I preferred your e2m8 pacifist run. (illegal enthusiasm)


What is the Doomworld Ironman League?

The DWIronman League is a monthy competition in which participants aim to survive for as many levels as possible in the given mapset, preferably in one sitting. Click the spoiler tag below for a detailed list of rules. Players of all levels of ability are welcome; it could change the way you play Doom!

In April 2017 the DWIronman League dies to Mapgame -complevel 9 (Boom (strict)). This is DWIL's answer to a very tough ask in March, where only three performers managed to survive what was certainly the longest and most testing challenge yet. Dr. Nosign's Cacoward-winning episode for Ultimate Doom borrows heavily from the most familiar cornerstone of level design philosophy; a phobos replacement, but with plenty of new rigging and some slight gameplay switch-ups to keep things fresh and colourful. Newcomers and perennial cellar-dwellers will see this as their best chance to survive a mapset all year... while veterans will want to put on their running shoes and get risky. I want to see lots of green blocks when April is done and dusted, folks! No excuses! Also, watch your ammo stocks.




  • One attempt per month. Good luck!
  • Demos (PrBoom+ and GLBoom), stream highlights and single-take video recordings are the only accepted proofs.
  • UV only continous; no pistol-starting.
  • No auto-loaded wads unless they are purely cosmetic.
  • No hard-coded cheats or features that result in behaviour beyond what is possible in the intended source port (e.g. freelook, jumping and crouching in a boom set).
  • If streaming or recording videos using an advanced source port with compatability options, you must not enable any flags that result in behaviour beyond what is possible in the intended source port. In most cases, this will mean that you can comfortably use "Doom/Boom(strict)" behaviour in ZDoom, for example. You must also display these settings on-screen before your run.
  • If you choose to stream your run rather than provide a demo and you die before completing a single level, either on map01 of a set or because of a single level being selected for the month, you must display the number of monsters killed/remaining in the level before you quit. The number of kills registered will determine your ranking versus other players who died on that level.
  • You do not have to play the secret levels in order to register a complete run. However, a player who finishes the game having completed more secret levels will rank higher than his competitors.
  • You do not have to complete your run in a single sitting. Such runs are considered to be "hardcore" runs. For stream and video recording users, you need only load a savegame that has been shown to be set during the previous segment, and again displaying the same compatability options. For demo users, you may continue using the same recording using a save file linked in the thread alongside the demo, assuming the -complevel allows for this function (e.g. -cl 9). Otherwise, the run must be completed in a single sitting or in segments separated by forced pistol starts (mandatory death exits) and episodes.
  • You cannot load a game having progressed past the save point. This includes "scouting ahead" for map details "just to check on something."
  • You cannot consult Doom Builder during your run to check for map details. Your viewers may, however.
  • If you die for any reason, tough luck! Your little brother snuck into your room while you were paused and getting tea and walked your marine into an inescapable pit? Brilliant. You went to answer the doorbell but knocked over your mug of hot chocolate and a baron ripped your arm off? Walk it off, hot stuff! You're through.
  • If your operating system fails during the run with you having progressed beyond the most recent save point then it's a write-off, sorry!
  • Death exits do not disqualify a run (duh!) but accidentally restarting the level before the tally screen appears will. Stay frosty!
  • In the event that the leaders are tied having died on the same map, the player to have arrived at the map of death in the fastest time will be deemed the winner.



Previous Threads

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Crusades (winner: Ribbiks)
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Khorus' Speedy Shit (winner: Bloodite Krypto)
Perdition's Gate (winner: Bloodite Krypto)
UAC Ultra (winner: Bloodite Krypto)

Jade Earth (winner: Bloodite Krypto)
Legacy of Heroes (winner: Bloodite Krypto)

Back to Saturn X E1 (winner: dew)

Edited by Alfonzo : I am an update.

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And here it is, perhaps the most shameful demise of my ironflan career. Five-or-so monsters shy of the exit, and I... what? Just find the sudden urge to checkmate myself between two single barons? Why? I could have had a shiny green block next to my name. I could have been a contender.


...On the season rankings front, dew has won at the very last moment - a common trend in the Ironman League, it would seem (though he has yet to upload the demo as of this writing! Get to it!). The inflated tyranny of Bloodite Krypto has thus been pushed back, for a month at least, though he remains the only player to have survived everything we've thrown at him - this year and the previous. What secrets will April hold? NoisyVelvet has started slipping through the rankings after suffering some dodgy runs, while an_mutt responded well last month with a truly middling performance. Thank heavens for MAP05! Roll on, Green Blocks.


EDIT: Also pertinent, Beginner, Dime and Suitepee are the three highest-ranking players to have not survived this year. In fact, Dime and Suitepee have not survived anything ever in Ironman. No pressure, guys.


Edited by Alfonzo : Canada's failings

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But if you don't complete the secret level you'll be ranked lower to those who have :o


Never played this as well T_T speed will be the decisive factor for this month considering the short length.

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All clear w/ secret map cleared as well in 1:21:29.  Those turrets are damned annoying I must say.  Otherwise, not all that bad (though I would have liked to have saved some rockets for the final battle so I didn't have to resort to SG only to kill three of the barons).


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Cleared about a half an hour faster than Anima but without the secret map... Completely forgot about it and realized way too late that I should have played it already. Oh well.


Have never played this mapset before so that was a completely blind run. Tried to go fast but usually it just backfired... And yeah, the turrets can definitely go suck a large one.


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I thought one of these Turrets spawned behind my back, tried to reach the exit quickly to survive but the opposite happened :D


Diead at Map05, overall time about 30minutes.


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great pick, mapgame rules

not actually gonna enter, im having those £1 USB mouse problems again where playing an action game feels totally impossible

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6 hours ago, Alfonzo said:

Beginner, Dime and Suitepee are the three highest-ranking players to have not survived this year.

Let me fix this interesting fact with this month's entry. It's definitely the easiest map pack so far.

My biggest complaint about this wad is that the way machinegun tries to autoaim at turrets is absolutely horrible.


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Survived in 57:07.



On 01.04.2017 at 3:51 PM, Beginner said:

My biggest complaint about this wad is that the way machinegun tries to autoaim at turrets is absolutely horrible.

Yep, that's pretty annoying. They also show smoke sprite when hit, so when I first played this WAD, I thought they were unkillable.


Edited by Rathori : Added video

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Survived in 1:00:52, I believe.




Mouselook makes a huge difference. I consider the end level a bit anticlimactic, since it was pretty easy. The set was a bit tough, especially on maps 5-7, but there was enough breathing room. I was very patient which is mostly why my time is pretty slow, but I'm happy to at least survive an Ironman mapset. From now on, I'll definitely play with mouselook.

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Sneaky fucking turrets.  They ambush you out of the shadows when you least suspect.  My chance at ever completing an Ironman has been forever shattered.


player context: i played one and a half maps before recording.  map03 onward were blind.

prboom-plus.exe -iwad doom.wad -file .\mapgame.wad -complevel 9 -record noisy.mapgame.lmp -nomusic

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7 hours ago, NoisyVelvet said:

prboom-plus.exe -iwad doom.wad -file .\mapgame.wad -complevel 9 -record noisy.mapgame.lmp -nomusic

Can someone confirm that this is the right set of commands? I feel if the OP of each ironman session had a 'recommended engine & commands' setup, that would be grand. :)

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Awesome. Main reason I ask is because I THOUGHT I had the correct settings last month, but next to my entry it states:

On 01/03/2017 at 0:40 AM, Alfonzo said:

(illegal comp settings)


Although, it didn't matter much as I was nearly last heh. :P

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26 minutes ago, Dragonfly said:

I THOUGHT I had the correct settings last month

I lazily smack 'illegal comp settings' next to any submission that runs afoul of the guidelines in some significant way, whether or not the actual compatibility settings themselves are on point. In your case, I think you had freelook enabled (the Twitch vid is busted on my end, it seems). Sorry for not informing you why it was a no-goer at the time; I feel there'd be a lot more posts about qualification than there would about the runs themselves, otherwise.


Of course, I'm always very displeased when someone dies sooner than me but registers a broken run. How else am I going to plump up my middling performances on the leaderboard?

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Can't fault you there haha. I hope to play in this one if I can find some spare time in between my mapping endeavours and excessive workload. :P

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@AlfonzoI really don't want to bug you but could ya please update the leader board? Thanks. Sorry for being a bother. 

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Glad to see this mapset getting love and attention. One of my primary mapping influences!

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Holy shit I know this one.


Drink up for turret deaths!


Also, did I just not get points for March?

I mean I know I sucked hard, but getting blanked?

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My first Ironman Club, and it's a failure.


I didn't like this much. Over the years I've become less fond of E1/Phobos-styled maps; usually shotgun-heavy exercises in ducking large amounts of hitscan fire. Lo and behold, this is amplified here by fucking turrets of all things. All this combined with the joys of non-intuitive layout design (I'm at my worst in M1, I didn't seem to be able to pick up the logic of the place).

Either way, I got to M5.


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Looking now at how some people have tackled M8, which - let's be honest - is not even remotely difficult... I remember seeing that the doorway leading back to where the player start is was shut, and so I'd have to pick my way through the midtex gangways to find space. My mind must have been filling in that information for me, thinking that it must be closed because why wouldn't you lock in the player at this point. It was open the whole time. Maybe I was looking at the wrong side of the room, given the symmetry.


Slightly pissed off. I would have been top dog :(

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Well poop, that one turret in m5 ( I think, Chemical Whatisit ) got me. 

Although I was mostly distracted by the podcast, since I was kinda bored of the standard Doom track.


Also, it is weird that such Doom-focused doesn't allow uploading lumps. I guess there might be safety-reasons...


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On 01/04/2017 at 8:37 AM, Alfonzo said:

In April 2017 the DWIronman League dies to Mapgame [...] veterans will want to put on their running shoes and get risky.

All right, let's bring it on !
Attached below is my run in ~58 minutes, secret map included.

That's a cool mapset we have here, I played it a long time ago.
I remembered these sneaky turrets, the inspiring layouts, the pretty dodgy flare gun as well as some really nice custom textures (like that blue Baron door at the end) that would surely deserve to be used again elsewhere.
For this run, I also watched some of skepticist's demos, just to make sure I could get to the secret exit.

Mapgame's not too hard, although the turrets definitely spice things up and E1M8's Baron fight can induce a lot of confusion thanks to all the midtextures around stairs.


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Well I died on E1M9, that turret did most of the work, then of course I only needed to be sniped once.




So... yeah.... I totally suck

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Make it past E1M9 and clean up big time.  I'm slow though.  I doubt I'll beat Anima's time, but I'll bet I can beat it.

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I'm gonna jump on it, but today is not the day.  I did watch some vids to find E1M9.  I doubt I'd beat Anima's time even though he basically Tysoned map 01.

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