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Tea Monster

New Cacodemon Release for Doomsday 2 is out!

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KuriKai and myself have celebrated the release of Doomsday 2.0 and it's snazzy next-gen renderer by releasing some props and a new monster model.


Apart from the new Cacodemon, we also have the start of a fully next-gen model pack for Doom. 


You need the new Doomsday 2.0 to see him in all his glory. Link to the pack, containing the Cacodemon and a selection of other models for Doomsday:



Link to Doomsday 2.0: http://dengine.net/


Source files (including Blender source file): https://github.com/KuriKai/dhmp


Model is by Tea Monster and animation, game packaging is by KuriKai. Model is sculpted in ZBrush, retopoed in Topogun and baking/animation was done in Blender.

Edited by Tea Monster : Changed link for general pack, not cacodemon specifically.

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This should have probably been posted to the news forum ;)


It's also a new model renderer capable of supporting a wide variety of modern model formats and features, not a completely new world renderer.


2.0 also marks the completion of the in-game UI; one can load/unload games, mods, pwads etc etc, within the engine itself; as a result Snowberry has been removed due to being obsolete.


Full release notes for 2.0 can be found here: http://dengine.net/manual/version/2.0

Edited by Vermil

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Nice caco model! What format is it in?


I find it interesting how the animation system in Doom looks fine with sprites, but as soon as you put in a nice modern model, it starts to look particularly dated. 


In the above video for example, it suddenly looked really odd that the cacodemon doesn't bob up and down or sway at all as it moves through the air, yet I've never thought that when they were sprites.

Edited by Bauul

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Thats a really good looking cacodemon model you made, I just feel like the doom textures and lack of other models makes it look crappy and out of place.  I think with hd textures and other models around this cacodemon would look boss!  Also I saw another video with prop models you made and I really dig them!

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Oh my what?!  A 3D monster model that doesn't look like shit?


This is a bit of alright.  Following.

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