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Hello Community? Remember me? I've got something crazy for you again!

The another April Fool's Day mod! This is the next level after DooD - the DooW mod! Now everything is upside down.



Authors: DeXiaZ, Daimonas and various people who helped us (mentioned in the readme file)

Sourceports required: GZDoom (1.9 or 2.0+), latest Zandronum (netplay wasn't tested).

Known bugs: Keys aren't displayed in status bar; monsters and items slide due to friction issues; occasionally monsters, items and dead bodies float in mid-air; various mapping mistakes


Download: V1.0


P.S.: Please, support this mod here!

Edited by DeXiaZ

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WELL.......so this mod takes places in Doomguys dreams after he played too much Castlevania : Symphony of the night?

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13 minutes ago, riderr3 said:

If I turn the monitor upside down, will I be considered a cheater?

But then your turning would be backwards. Hardly cheating. It'd probably be even harder! 

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