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More than 2 maps in one WAD

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I made 4 maps and I want to put them in a single WAD I finish the second level and it just gives the credits thing where it shows the credits thing where it shows all the monsters and when you press e then die,how do I fix this.


Using GZdoom builder

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GZDB has a 'Save Map Into' function. Rename the maps from map01-map04 in Edit -> Map Options and then save them into a single wad. 

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Open all 4 pwads with Slade3.

Then merge by copy-pasting all lumps from three maps into one map, renaming the MAPxx lumps so that you then have MAP01, MAP02, MAP03 and MAP04. This gives you control over the order of levels.

And save the combined pwad.



Edited by Kappes Buur : added videoclip

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Uh apparently I packaged all the wads correctly but when I finish a stage it completes the whole game! am I doing something wrong the end game thing?

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