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How to remove the displaying of intermission text?


I want to make the intermission text of Doom 2 not load up after finishing the levels, directly going to the next map.


How would I do this in a MAPINFO lump?

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It should yea. If there's no enter/exittext then nothing will show up and it should go to the next level automatically. At that point, the clusters are just numbers with nothing happening inside them.

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The way I would do it is to set all the maps to be in the same cluster, then remove the exittext/entertext properties from the cluster definition in question. A cluster can be empty as well, you could just do:


cluster 1 {}


and it will work. In fact, I had to do this in order to keep the "entering" screen to appear. If a map goes to another and that next map has no cluster or is cluster 0, the entering screen just gets completely skipped.

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How about keeping all the clusters and leaving them to be empty eg:

cluster 7 {}


cluster 8 {}


cluster 9 {}

Would this work?

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