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Junko Enoshima

ExMx level recording if doom2.wad is loaded (Solved)

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I'm not sure about this is the right place to write this.



I have a wad, which have maps in ExMx format, but loads with doom2.wad. 

If I wanted to record it (e.g. E1M1), it failed at MAP00 not found, or started with MAP01.

How can I load the map with cmd?

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Does it work if you use doom.wad as the iwad and doom2.wad as another pwad? 

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Yeah, it worked. Thanks!


I've got the problem again, but now E1M0 instead of MAP00. (The intro level, I think)


Ok, I found the way to record it. I need to use recordmap in the console, due to the titlemap I can't record with cmd.

Thanks for the help.

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