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Phase 1 Ch 2 > Dev Thread (Bonus Map11)

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well just to explain my lack of action in mapping its the same reason of aways, no motivation for it, so when i gto up again i'll do my mapping section again, for now i want to set up few things.


i'm czar hare but this dont mean you cannot edit or create a map for episode yourself, but i'll set some simple "rules" there you're not forced to follow anyway but its for flow purposes, your map must be 10-15% harder than the slot behind and near 10% more time consuming to speedrun so the episode can get some flow, for now only it.


See you guys soon.

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Here i'm again, and the expanded version of E2M1 is here: http://www.geocities.ws/protox/FreeDoom/FreeDoom1/e2m1_p3.wad


Edit: I unfortunately forget to fix few things in the DM areas, they have been fixed there's also very small changes around the coop area, and it's the final version.


Waiting you guys just to test this and see if the dificult is cool and if something is wrong in the map. i have played in all skills and i can normaly get 100% run in all.

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I just tested your map, it's pretty cool. I couldn't run it in chocolate doom however, it is missing the texture pbrik18. The other problem I found was in sector 424 the player takes damage, but shouldn't.

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sorry for my hiatus guys i have been busy irl and well it make my live a real mess anyway i get my mind back on this game and well time to keep going, here's a edit in e2m1 again, this time i was lazy to set screenshot but i added 2 demos inside the wad, one showing just a fast gameplay on map beating it, and the second is a more complete gameplay showing the secrets on way, i  hope you guys enjoy this version and tell me what you guys think. note: To play the demo just run it on vanilla or prboom and let the demos play by itself.


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I have liked it, it does feature a very proper usage of Aquatex textures, without spamming them in the style of a certain map, where they are used just for the sake of using them.


Bugs / suggestions:


There are two glued serpentipedes (things 333 and 334).

Thing 97 should be tagged as multiplayer-only.

The very first pistol zombie seems totally unnecessary and useless, I would remove him (it?).

Hidding every linedef of deathmatch-only zones makes no sense to me.

There are multiple instances of miniguns and shotguns for each skill level of single-player mode. That seems somewhat redundant and unnecessary, in my opinion.




Glaice aka Mr. Chris was willing to donate an incomplete map of him in the style of corrupted tech base, just in case you are interested in filling it with things to replace some map of your episode.





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