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Phase 1 Ch 2 > Dev Thread (Bonus Map11)

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Posted (edited)

So I finished adding the dm spawn rooms, they contain the necessary weapons to make deathmatch playable whitout ruining the coop gameplay and here's the locations. (10 Dm spots and 1 Exclusive Dm Shortcut.)



None of these areas appear on automap so it's safe to say that's not going to bother you in finding the all 100% secrets.

I'll not release the wad right now due to a necessary thing that I have to fix before releasing it here, anyway I wanted to show you guys the progress of the map so far, there's not much new things to come aside from some thematic edits.

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Posted (edited)

Ok from now on there's nothing that I want to change on main coop layout. Some examples of the main layout edits:


This place is aways open by default, no more switch hunt.
Want a rad suit?
image.png.3f346fe6400cc711ddfba5aee1b27e61.pngJust to fit the theme.

So I'll focus on the difficult setting and probable balance the easy skill and make hard skill a little more easy, but in other side multiplayer is going to increase difficult in all skills, if you want a real challenge just go in hard skill with solo-net or multiplayer emulation.
Final version is really close now.

The dificult progression is can be considered in this order:


Easy + Multiplayer
Normal + Multiplayer
Hard + Multiplayer


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I'm very lazy slow to work in same map for long periods of time, so I just go there, change 2 or 3 "areas" them leave and do another work later, that's the reason behind the map taking too long, it's a big map too.

But I'm proud of it, it's one of my biggest map that I did from scratch, most of my work is based in editing something else, so this one is very original.

Gadly that you like it.

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22 hours ago, doomfighter667112349 said:

and question is the new map11 finished

Nope :]

There's edited stuffs in there but i'm still not satisfied, also i'm not so motivated in finishing that... maybe is lack of creativity.

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