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[CANCELLED] Anomalous Properties

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It's a map that was originally intended for a community project; however I should split it off. The initial start areas will remain the same, however, in part due to one other person's attempted overhaul of the original.

Requires GZDoom

Likely might try to submit it if the project leader is okay with it when it's done, but for now I need to have more broad feedback and make it more like a proper doom map.

Doom 2 map.

Credits inside the wad







Edited by SArais

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Will likely upload public alpha sometime tomorrow if I fail to do significant updates to it.

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Cool map! Creepy atmosphere. Nice translucent tricks. Had to think WTF many times. In a good sense. Overwhelming detailing. This will be a great adventure when finished!

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Just posting to update the status. It's not being updated anymore. Cancelled, like every other map I have.

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