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ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #295 - Eviltech (Part I)

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True old school. Something that has been missing from TNS lately now comes back in the form of a megawad by Nicolás Monti, a multiple Cacoward winner. Started in 2002 and finally finished 10 years later, it stays true to its simple name. You can expect tech bases and evil lurking behind each corner. Come see for yourself!


DMFLAGS: 1174487140 / 806496256 / 0
Skill: Ultra Violence
IWAD: doom2 or freedoom080
PWADs: eviltech
Maps: 01-15, 31-32
Lives: 1
Players: 25/100
Item Respawn Time: 60 Seconds
Player Join Limit: 3 Minutes


Date: 6th April 2017


Euro session: 19:00 BST/14:00 EDT at [L@P], Germany (usually lasts over 6 hours)

Get ZDaemon and join in.

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Session statistics for this week:


First blood:
DaIcemann76 | in MAP03, should have stood back 15 seconds after joining


First blood in the 2nd rota (-fast and 2x damage):
[SUR]Hugoxds | in MAP01, shot by a sergeant 6 seconds after joining


Peak server population:


Overall number of players that connected during the session:


Player death counts by obituaries (1st rota/2nd rota):

        9 died. (9/0)
        7 mutated. (5/2)
        3 were squished. (2/1)
        13 went boom. (9/4)
        8 should have stood back. (6/2)
        2 were killed by a zombieman. (0/2)
        13 were shot by a sergeant. (1/12)
        9 were perforated by a chaingunner. (4/5)
        0 were slashed by an imp. (0/0)
        13 were burned by an imp. (0/13)
        8 were bit by a demon. (0/8‌)
        7 were eaten by a spectre. (1/6)
        2 were spooked by a lost soul. (0/2)
        1 got too close to a cacodemon. (1/0)
        9 were smitten by a cacodemon. (2/7)
        0 were punched by a revenant. (0/0)
        1 couldn't evade a revenant's fireball. (1/0)
        1 was squashed by a mancubus. (1/0)
        0 let an arachnotron get them. (0/0)
        0 were gutted by a Hell Knight. (0/0)
        0 were splayed by a Hell Knight. (0/0)
        4 were ripped open by a Baron of Hell. (4/0)
        13 were bruised by a Baron of Hell. (4/9)
        2 were incinerated by an archvile. (2/0)
        2 stood in awe of the spider demon. (0/2)
        19 were splattered by a cyberdemon. (11/8‌)
        3 met a Nazi. (3/0)
        0 were surprised by the zombie's weaponry. (0/0)
        2 were mauled by a Mauler Demon. (2/0)
        0 were charred by a pain soul. (0/0)
        2 were melted by a pain soul. (2/0)
        3 suffered psychic trauma from an aracnorb's brainwaves. (0/3)
        0 were perforated by an Arachnophyte. (0/0)
        2 couldn't dodge a destructor's rocket. (2/0)
        1 was terminated by the Badass Cyberdemon. (0/1)
        159 deaths overall. (72/87)

Session lasted for 4 hours and 58 minutes and ended in the 2nd rota with the last map played being MAP13. Last finished map was MAP12.

top 10(+1) players with most deaths (deaths/joins, death ratio):

sweersz          13/21, 61.90%
Malfunction       9/19, 47.37%
Keyboard_Doomer   9/25, 36.00%
coolibop          8/19, 42.11%
rhinoduck         8/20, 40.00%
DaIcemann76       8/21, 38.10%
Salty             8/24, 33.33%
DooM88            7/10, 70.00%
sid0rv            7/13, 53.85%
zeaz              6/24, 25.00%
SPAZ              6/27, 22.22%

party poopers:
AnimaZero         1/22,  4.55%
aprosekin         3/28, 10.71%
BlooditeKrypto    3/24, 12.50%


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Anima is getting too good lately, even being a party pooper and surviving maps with 1% health. Where are the good ol' times when he used to be first blood? Need to ring Salty to do something about this.

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New non-lethal-scripts kept me so busy that the survival rate of the average marine grew a 63.9% according to our latest reports.

Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan....

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I've never even heard of this wad before, the screenshots look really nice!

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On 9/4/2017 at 2:24 AM, Eris Falling said:

We at TeamTNS are please to announce a new rota that should keep those survival rates right down. Say hello to Mary Poppins mode.



I swear rhinolib is guilty of awakening the Mr. Hyde's part of me (Salty) and burying the Dr. Jekyll's part (Alteus). :P

(yeah, alt, blame rhinolib)

Edited by Alteus

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