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Looking for helpful critique for single player level

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Haven't made any maps in a long time and finally decided to sit down and start making shit. Problem is, I haven't made any single player levels since '05. Kinda looking for some critiques or thoughts from anyone willing to sit through it. Thinking of turning this into a megawad focusing on chocolate doom and I just wanna make sure I'm on the right track.


pics for tits





Edit: Haven't done a difficulty balance yet, so everything is default on UV.

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i'm gonna play it in a few hours best friend, i just know it's gonna be amazing :,)


also, from one best friend to another, here's some advice: please never use whatever garbage image hosting site you used again just do imgur or something man im not dealing with that nonsense on mobile it wouldn't even let me zoom in

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that was actually quite good friend :)


I don't really have any feedback or critiques and whatnot. It was just good. Maybe some more doors could be indented into the wall, and you should probably cut back on some of those smaller textures, like doorblu, which starts looking weird when it repeats 4 times like that. Also that green door looked out of place and kinda ugly.


I'm nitpicking, which is a good thing. Overall it was just nice. Nice enemies, nice traps, (mostly) nice texture work, nice secret, nice niceness. I actually really liked the e1m1 influences, they were honestly implemented really well. This would actually a good map to submit to the "Doom the way YOU did (for real this time)" CP, but I think somebody already took e1m1 :(


You've made me so proud though, I just wanna come and give ya a big ol' hug ;~;


9/10 (considering that you haven't mapped in 12 years)

Edited by bonnie

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https://www.twitch.tv/videos/133877818 (second wad covered in this playtesting session, done on UV difficulty)


Generally a good vanilla/Ultimate Doom style map. The lighting in that first room around the pillar looked a bit off; someone in my livestream chat observed this was because the lighting effect ended too soon. (looks jagged) At times this seemed like a re-imagining of the original E1M1.


Would happily play an entire episode of decent maps like this one.

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Thanks you guys! It's good to know that the design and gameplay are flowing as well for you guys as I was hoping they would. Also, thanks to Suitepee for that playthrough. It's nice to see my stuff played through the eyes of someone else like that. Really helps me with envisioning how other players will think and it'll help with applying ideas accordingly. I'll get to addressing those visuals and then move on to completing the first episode.

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A little on the easy side. I played it in Chocolate with just keyboard on UV. It took me about 15 minutes to beat it. (5:47 96%/100%/50%)


I died 3 times. (mostly because I rarely play with just keyboard. It was pretty fun.) 

I somehow got a secret. i'm not sure where that was since Chocolate doesn't give any feedback (by default).

The blue key is kind of weird because if you go left in the beginning, you don't even know that you're lowering the pillar. So when you get there you don't even know that it was not accessible. The monster teleportation was pretty brutal unless you save that barrel. (Again... for mouse and keyboard.)

It was a solid e1m1 replacement. So maybe the easy part is actually good. I don't know. ...and maybe it wasn't all that easy, because I died 3 times. lol

I liked the jump for the exit door.

The texturing seemed to be aligned, but it would have been nice to see a little more variety.

Great job!

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I made video of your level. It's unlisted. I think videos are the best source for checking things - positive,negative sides,errors,misalignments. 
Anyway,I played on easiest skill,because I'm tired of dying all the time. In the end I expected rising floor,but I was wrong. 
P.s midi device in last seconds just went crazy a bit. 


Edited by MysteriousHaruko : I wrote "minutes" instead of seconds

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4 hours ago, MysteriousHaruko said:

Anyway,I played on easiest skill,because I'm tired of dying all the time.


On 4/6/2017 at 9:41 AM, Peanut said:

Haven't done a difficulty balance yet, so everything is default on UV.


you have been tricked

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2 minutes ago, bonnie said:



you have been tricked

Really?maybe I was lucky today,who knows. I often play like I'm drunk or something like that. 

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