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Za Warudo

What is the closest thing to a Metroidvania style mod that you know?

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terminus13 metroid doom duh.....


this is an awesome style of progression that hasn't been exploited in a big map pack though. would be a good chance for a zdoom masterrace mapset to show off instead of the same 32 map boom megawad crap

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10 minutes ago, Combinebobnt said:

there have been a few attempts at castlevania wads. ive not seen anything get past 1% finishing level yet lol.

Oh really?It seems that I will make one.It will be done after The Ultimate Mordeth gets released.

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Exhumed for PS1/Sega Saturn (but not PC) is an example of a Doom-style game with a Metroidvania-style progression. i bet something that feels reasonably similar to that in ZDoom would be very doable if it hasn't already been done before.

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Aside from one I'm working on myself (*cough* shameless self-promotion *cough*), there are none that I know of. It'd be awesome to see something like that, though - with all the Metroid-esque extra abilities and shit.

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