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Doomiablo 0.0.1 - Diablo-DooM Crossover

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Hello guys,


since a lot of people already asked I have made a small video about the current status of our doom themed diablo 2 mod.


Right now we are looking for ideas especially for the skill tree, what skills could you imagine the doom marine could perform?

They can be passive like increasing rocket splash radius or active like a different plasma shoot skill.



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Before I suggest something unrealistic: how much can you actually change? Is it possible to program the Doom BFG behavior? Then you could make a passive skill that increases the BFG cone radius, for example.

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I'm thinking a berserk aura, boosts bare fist/gauntlet damage but might burn through mana or something idk, if diablo even has fist/gauntlet weapons or the ability to mod them in, I forget. Other than that, try to include some of the wierder doom weapons across the series as to make sure weapon drops arent the same 8 or 9 things all the time. Holy water pistols, Gauss cannons, unmaker, etc. This looks pretty cool, btw. Never finished diablo, this might get me to do it. Replace wells with soulspheres and shrines with fitting powerups maybe.

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I was kind of expecting this to be the other way around like Doom with Diablo stuff rather than Diablo with Doom stuff.

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@Memfis: actually i do not know the possibilities. I ve never made a diablo 2 mod before so I am learning by doing and by trying to get something to work. my goal is to make the bfg how it works in doom. Increasing the cone + the amount of traces? since otherwise it would become less dense and I guess less effective.

@Hornbuckle: yes diablo has fist and berserk will be included for sure! In terms of weapopns I thought to alter each single of them like light shotgun, shotgun and heavy shotgun with increasing damage but also requirements to equip them. Oh replacing shrines like this is a really good idea! thank you, otherwise I would have left them  out completely.

@Avoozl: doom with diablo stuff might also be interesting. but since hexxen is more like diablo such a crossover might be more suitable

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@termrork maybe have a skill that does 360 swings with the chainsaw? Nice move for when you're surrounded. I think an overall good idea is to take some cues from legendoom for some unique weapons and maybe some skills. But I figure a bigger problem you're gonna have is with enemy variety. Are you trying to be mostly vanilla? Otherwise I would encourage some skulltag/realm667 enemies and weapons, for the really unique/hard encounters and loot. They're pretty well-known, so you're not going too far out. A railgun would be pretty bitchin in diablo. If you do desire to remain vanilla, palette swaps should work fine for enemies, and your plan for weapons is pretty good, although I still think some other dooms should make cameos. I would really like a Samsara-esque approach to classes, but I'm sure that would be far too much work. Good luck with your mod!

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Doomablo or Doomblo sounds better to me than Doomiablo.


Numbers are placeholder, should be balanced to fit the game.



SR50 - quickly dash to an area (or give a burst of speed for a certain amount of time). Levels increase range, reduce "ammo?" cost, possibly cooldown or duration.

Voodoo doll - create a copy of yourself that taunts enemies upon creation. Any damage dealt to the voodoo doll is also dealt to you, but greatly reduced.

Overdrive - rocket launcher skill - temporarily increase rate of fire, reduce accuracy. Levels increase ammo cost, duration, rate of fire and reduce accuracy penalty.

Napalm missile - rocket launcher skill - fire a special rocket, that leaves behind a pool of flames, dealing additional fire damage per second

No place to hide - special rocket launcher skill - makes the rocket fired by this skill bounce one time before exploding. Will bounce on anything, including enemies, so use wisely.

Supercharged - plasma rifle skill - temporarily makes plasma attacks inflict additional fire damage over time. This damage stacks and if fire damage per second exceeds X (useful on tough enemies who can take the pain), the enemy explodes, dealing damage in an area.

Kill zone - chaingun skill - makes you stationary, but drastically increases rate of fire, reduces accuracy, makes bullets do splash damage and have a small chance to pierce.

Feel the pain - stuns all nearby monsters and makes them target you (think taunt). Special effect on lost souls - sends them into frenzy, increasing their damage and speed. Use carefully.

Painlock - chainsaw skill - temporarily makes all attacks from chainsaw stun the target (non boss enemies mostly).

Precise shot - pistol skill - makes each shot reduce target's resistances for a duration.

Lunge - chainsaw skill - quickly close in to an enemy, stun it and deal damage (paladin charge). If it kills the target, the ammo cost is refunded and next lunge deals 30% increased damage. Stacks up to 3 times, bonus is lost after 5 seconds or if an enemy is not killed by the lunge.

Concentrated blast - BFG skill - fire a shot that cost double the ammo of the standard shot. This shot deals double damage of the original upon impact but doesn't have tracers and deals an additional 25% of max HP to the target hit. Useful for bosses. Has high cooldown

Cryostasis  - BFG skill - fire a special BFG shot that does reduced damage and deals cold damage, but freezes enemies in a large area for a duration.

Barrel of fun - spawn a barrel. Upon destruction, it explodes violently, dealing fire and physical damage.

Hall of mirrors - activate to temporarily ignore enemy collision. Terrain collision still applies.




Armorer - if you implement armor in any way, this could (sligthly) increase the percentage of damage absorbed (say, megaarmor absorbs 50% damage, with this skill maxed, it abosrbs 66% or something like that) or possibly increase the amount of armor given on each pickup.

Apothecary - bonus to healing items, mabye increase max health?

Steadfast - increases the amount of damage required to stun you (in original diablo, it was 1/12 of your max health).

Mount pain - increases the chance of stunning the enemies with all weapons.

Shielding suit - slightly increases elemental resistances, greatly reduces environmental damage.

Ouch face - when you are hit for more than X, you receive armor equal to a % of the X.

Medikit that you really NEED - when healing below 25% of max health, a bonus is applied to the healing item used.


Probably could think of some more, but I think that is enough for now.

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@Hornbuckle: 360 swings with the chainsaw. awesome! I will try this for sure! oh I ve never heard of lendoom, I will give it a try next weekend, thx. Yes enemy variety is a thing since diablo has much more monsters than doom has. First I will go with palette change since they are really easy and less time consuming but after it works with that I have no problem in adding new monsters. Since diablo is separated in different acts one could even split and do new monsters in a different act as the original ones. Depending on how far they are away from vanilla ones I usually think it is quite strange to mix them. What do you mean with other dooms? Doom 3? or different colored doomguys ;)? Could not find what you mean with "Samsara-esque".

Thank you a lot for your thoughts!


@idbeholdME: the name right now is just a working title, I guess in the end there should not be the whole words "Doom" and "Diablo" in the name due to copy right stuff. Since I will not distribute any doom and diablo content the title should not harm any copyright infringements as well. To your huge skill list, THANKS A LOT!:

SR50: really good idea, there is something already implemented like this. right now I am working that sth. like that does not cost ammo (I mean why should it?), but stamina which slowly recovers

Voodoo doll: hahaha this is awesome and so true for advanced doom mapping techniques. this will be implemented for sure! (diablo even has something similar already as a skill for the Amazon)

Overdrive: thx for such a modifying skill, I want to implement those but could not come up with a lot except of 3

Napalm missile: this is one of the 3 skill ;), but thank you for the name, I am always very bad in finding names

No place to hide: hahaha that would look ridiculous xD, but right now I cannot think of a way to implement this

Supercharged: wow very creative! right now I thought the plasma to be a cold weapon freezing enemies, but one could think of this using cold damage too

Kill zone: I will try to implement it like this but maybe without splash damage, since a chaingun is always very small projectiles. pierce is a good idea!

Feel the pain: nice one and again very creative, wow!

Painlock: since chain gun is very rapid one could stun a single target forever, this might be too powerful even for non-boss monsters since in diablo there are randomly placed unique monsters which are better

Precise shot: this sounds interesting, I can imagine to shoot a boss with this skill first to lower the resistance before shooting the rockets at it

Lunge: wow, this would turn into a very fast gameplay, I will test that!

Concentrated blast: this sounds like the ultimative skill. I really like it because I thought the bfg would be quite useless against strong bosses since due to traces you would have to stand right in front of it (like in doom, but in an rpg your reaction is not that fast)

Cryostasis: I thought of something similar but for plasma, since I thought freezing monsters would fit to plasma (as it is and a special skill for freezing group of monsters). dunno why plasma... apart from that real plasmas are usually not cold at all but this plasma shoots blue stuff (which is even hotter than yellow). nevertheless blue = cold ; )

Barrel of fun: someone else came up with this idea too, I really like it!

Hall of mirrors: mh... not sure but maybe this is too powerful. I will simply try it and decide


Armorer: not sure about armor yet. in diablo as default the armor is responsible to block enemies attacks completely or letting it through according to a percentage depending on your overall armor

Apothecary: mh.. in diablo you have skill points each level you can invest on your skills and on the other side attributes (in original diablo: energy, vitality, dextery and strength). vitality increases your total health.

Steadfast: very interesting, I have to research to actually understand how that works

Mount pain: evenly? again a chaingun with too high stunning percentage is for sure overpowered

Shielding suit: ah yeah radiation suit, very nice!

Ouch face: hahaha somehow I have to implement the ouch face, maybe not the face, but at least the sound connected to such a skill whenever it triggers

Medikit that you really NEED: good idea, at least as a percentage... to X percent it will heal by a factor of Y more


thank you so much for all your effort! these are really great ideas and I will try to implement the most of them.

for now there is no need for more, I currently plan with 30 skills and as far as I can estimate it there are already more suggested.



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I guess you don't play many doom mods? Legendoom adds some random perks to weapons dropped by randomly buffed enemies that I feel could be transferred to diablo in the form of "Identify" bonuses or maybe make it as their own passive skills and such (but then . Samsara is a doom mod that throws heretic, hexen, wolfenstein, quake, chex, and many other id-era shooter protagonists into the game. Essentially bringing weapons from a different game, say, marathon, and playing with them in doom, or even heretic or hexen. It'd be a lot of work, and I don't imagine even if you loved all those games you'd be willing to do it, but I would love to blow up enemies with Caleb (from blood). Same enemies, but different weapons and skills, and obviously player sprites. As for when I said other dooms, I just meant weapons and monsters. Doom 64 shotgun, fire extinguisher, heavy assault rifle, double-bladed chainsaw (64), etc. Some monster sprites from doom 64 look pretty cool as well, namely cacodemons and arachnotrons. I really like the idea of newer, custom-made enemies being introduced in different acts, that's a great idea. Hope you keep working on this, really looking forward to it.

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Further info on skills in question:

Painlock was meant for chainsaw, not chaingun. I agree it would be too much on a ranged weapon. Maybe instead of guaranteeing a stun, just increase the chance.


Armorer could just give a small physical resist bonus to work like a reduction instead of hit chance. Maybe the bonus could be relative to your armor rating? Meaning the more armor rating you have, the more physical resist this skill gives.


Apothecary was meant to globally increase the effectiveness of potions (medkits, stimpacks, health bonuses?) you use to heal yourself. Just a percentage bonus to the amount healed, or increase the duration of the heal effect. And a small % max health increase.

Not sure if you will keep the other potions (thawing, antidote etc.). If yes, the skill could also increase the effect of those too.


Mount pain: pain chance (stun) would require serious tweaking to be balanced I agree. I'm not sure how you are going to implement this, whether the weapons will have a chance to stun or every single monster will have its own chance to be stunned with any hit. This would just slightly increase the chance to stun (quite low bonus since it is a bonus across the board).


Steadfast: this is the reason most of the people who ever played Diablo 2 dump most of their stat points into vitality. To have enough HP so they don't get stunned with every little hit. This skill could prevent that.

Diablo wiki article on this topic: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Faster_Hit_Recovery#Diablo_II


Medikit that you really need: Yeah this skill is meant as a risk-reward incentive. If you wait to be below 25% of your HP before healing (quite dangerous with hard hitting monsters around you), you will be rewarded by increasing the healing amount of an item used this way.

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@Hornbuckle: true I do not play a lot doom mods since I do not know a lot good ones. There are some which I really enjoyed like total conversions with resident evil and half life or something like stronghold. Actually this does not sound like too much work, except maybe for very fancy weapons (fancy in a technical way). As soon as everything works like I want I will show more detailed what is possible and then you will see (if it will work like I want it), something like for example different sprites will be work for 2 seconds.


@idbeholdME: oh now painlock makes much more sense xD, I simply read over it, sorry. Ah yes that should be possible, in diablo you have something like damage reduction which reduces a desired percentage of all damage. that sounds very like the armor in doom, I like it! Not sure yet but I guess I have to leave the other potions in the game since cold and poison will still be a thing.

steadfast: o_O I thought I would know everything about diablo 2, but this is new for me.... I always assumed that stunning is randomly :O. thank you for that insight!


@Paul977: me too :D

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well, my idea was that each character was a class, therefore you would have to make separate skill trees, stats, and special weapons for each character. But if you feel up to it I'm sure it would be much appreciated, if I can speak for everyone else. 

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Yes, I agree, base mod should be done with all enemies and weapons and stuff, then you work on other classes if you want to. I'm just surprised you'd be willing to do what I imagine would be a decent amount of extra work.

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