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Cyberdoom Z wad.

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Cyberdoom Z kaiser returns with their  demons Cybernetics a destroy they earth, you will to defeat them. is my second wad, I hope be they of your liking,  thanks very much for your attention.



use skulltag pack for see textures they wad. 

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Layouts like these, full of custom monsters: 




While it's an improvement over rooms that spell words, it doesn't really inspire confidence. 


The wad archive seems to contain an absolute ton of custom textures and R667 enemies. 



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So, here's what I think. From what I can see, that map layout isn't much for variety. Like, it's basically rectangular rooms with stuff in it. And that's rather bland.


Here's what I'm working on, or rather a part of it:fideltiasWIP.jpg.6a01bda02c98aa29105df733476174a2.jpg






Now, I'm not uploading this to put you down or anything. By all means, keep at it. Mapping is supposed to be fun for yourself in the first place. It's just meant to be an inspiration for you to maybe do something other than rectangular rooms, you know?

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Miguel, I have some tips:

-Try to make sure your rooms are aligned to the grid. A lot of the walls are 'wonky' or are slanted when the other walls of the room are not.

-Try to use more height variation; these are mostly just rooms with monsters, which is very predictable, and flat. You can try using high pillars (not too high, though) with monsters on which attack you from above, or a room with a tall ceiling that incorporates flying enemies like Cacodemons (make sure you place the Cacodemons on a high ledge, though, otherwise they just spawn on the floor).


-Finally, I recommend NOT using custom monsters (or textures) as you're fairly new to mapping. It will help you to get acquainted with the game (and help you to understand how to make good maps for it) if you only use what's in the game to begin with.

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