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How do I make a cast sequence after final level?


I'm using ZDoom Builder and SLADE for a wad I'm making. The wad has three levels, and after the final level I want the exittext to show and for the cast sequence to play. I couldn't figure out how to make this work at first, so I tried making my third and final level be registered as the 30th and have my second level send me there after it's completion. Then, in the third level, you kill an Icon of Sin and the level ends. Text shows and the cast should play.


Problem is, the exittext displays itself, but after that's done you just restart the third level again, likely because the "next" function is empty. How do I make the cast sequence play after the exittext is shown?




"map MAP30 "It's Going Down"
levelnum 30
titlepatch CWILV29
sky1 SKY3 0
cluster 8
par 180
music D_OPENIN"

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You don't need to delete secretnext, it only ever gets used if the level triggers a secret exit. What I would do is just set both to be EndGameC.

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Either write "next" (and/or "secretnext") with a proper parameter following it, or don't write "next" (and/or "secretnext") at all, but never write just "next" (or "secretnext") with no parameter following it, because then it might interpret the line below it as its parameter (and breaking that line's action as well) or whatever unintended thing.

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