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Classic DOOM TXTs and resources for my BBS

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I'm setting up a small BBS in my spare time (Mystic on RPi) and I will have a section dedicated to Classic DOOM.

I have already customized a script that lists currently active chocolate-doom servers, now I'd like to add some other resources that could be somehow useful for vanilla DOOM or that have some kind of "historic" value.


So I'm looking for TXTs (faqs, walkthroughs, ASCII, ANSIs etc.) that would be nice (or funny, or typical of 90's DOOM mania) to put in this section of the BBS (of course credited) like the "Unofficial DOOM Specs" mentioned in this page.

Any hints? 


Thanks :)

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I'm aware this is a fairly old thread now, however I too would like to setup a BBS just for the same purpose, to run a Doom server as well. And for nostalgic reasons, that and it would just be plain fun!


I'v recently setup a BBS server locally until it's ready for the world, not to mention it's a bit of a learning curve.

I'm using Synchronet currently but may end up using Mystic before all's said an done.

I'v not glorified it with my own ans graphics or anything impressive yet. And when the time comes, I'd like to use Chocolate Doom for Doom games. mybbs.png



@antiriad, I'm curious as to how your BBS turned out and whether you have it hosted yet? and if so, is Doom running ok?



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