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Naked Snake

Recreation of the Doom Plotline teaser

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This recreation is a collaboration of a select group of authors, which, so far are : me, dsm, pritch, spike and wildman, though me and dsm, who have been exchanging ideas and talking about this have a list of others who we might want to get in on this. This is the first two entries in the Recreation of the Doom plot....enjoy...

The rain pattered down onto the ground, causing the once soft dirt to turn into thick mud. You walked over to the rockpile and looked down the hill to see a simple marketplace filled with people, talking, laughing and purchasing various objects and food. You look over at the rest of the troopers with the small 5 man team. Robert, a newbie who hasn't seen any action but from his personal profile he seems to be one hell of a sharpshooter. Stanley, a cocky prick who thinks he is better than everyone else. A senator's son, he has deserted battle twice but his father has ties deep into the United States Marine Corps. Jackson, an Alabama man and the best fuckin' demoman you've ever seen. On the far left was Sargeant Iverson, a gruff old duffer with a nasty cigar smoking habit and a lack of respect for the natives to this country. You forgot the name, probably because it was always changing due to constant battles and overthrowings of the government, all you know is it is an African country. Then there is you, a man who has seen a lot of action and plenty of death. You grew up in a large city in New York, all your life you caused trouble, breaking windows and stealing stuff. One day, when you were 18 you stole a car. A newly passed law gave you the option of jail or 20 years in the military branch of your choice. Your Uncle Jack was a Marine and you liked him when you were younger so you blurted out "I...wanna go in the...uh..Marines!" and it was done. That was 5 years ago. Suddenly the Sargeant spoke up.
"Ok Marines, we're gonna take them down!" he said loudly. They were pretty far away from the marketplace so their voices could not be heard. You took another glance down there with the aide of your binoculars and saw a little girl whirrling around in the rain, laughing.
"Sir," you say "there are women and children down there!"
"The women and children are planted there so we won't attack but we're gonna anyway! Those men down there are selling explosives! Why do you think everything they hand out to the men is wrapped up?". Could the Sargeant be THAT dumb? It was raining for fuck's sake! "Now, on my count, ya'll better start with the gun-" he started but never finished for you brought the butt of your rifle up to his chin, shattering it instantly. He fell to the mud and you began to pound him with the butt of the rifle, cracking his ribs. Finally the rest of the guys realized what was going on and they jumped on you while Jackson called for an medic.

Two days later you were courtmartialed, as was the Sargeant for attempting to ordering the assassination of civilians. You were then sent to the U.A.C. lunar facility with 15,000 other Marines. Your job was simple. Guard door, shut mouth. For 3 years you stood at the same fucking door every day...until...


...Everything literally went to Hell.

There were a lot of rumors circulating among the marines at the base. The other marines were the only decent company you could get as the scientists and techs here were all remarkably tight-lipped. You and the other marines were very limited in your knowledge of the place and in the places that you could visit - basically, you only knew the area outside the door that you were assigned to guard, the sleeping quarters and the area around the rec room. You didn't even know what was going on behind the door you were guarding. They didn't tell you anything about what was going on around here.
What you basically knew was that the vast conglomerate, the Union Aerospace Corporation, had very strong military ties as they developed all sorts of technologically advanced machinery, including weapons and superior vehicles of all sorts for the military. The UAC employees conducted all manner of scientific research on bases like this one and you knew that the UAC had stations on Mars' two moons, Phobos and Deimos. But you or the rest of the marines had no idea what sort of research was going on here or there and the rumors that persisted suggested that the research on Phobos and Deimos was even more secretive than what was going on here on Mars, but whatever it might be, the military had enough of an interest in it to assign marines, regular infantrymen and even a few special forces dudes to guard the bases.
Your assignment was basically to prevent unwanted guests from snooping around on the bases.

For the last three months, a lot of soldiers were sent to Phobos and Deimos and this had spawned even more wild rumors. Whenever I went to the rec room, they were all chatting about the same thing.
But none of the rumors, how wild they even were, were even close to what was really transpiring or suggested the impending horror...

Every sentient being's worst nightmares turned real one night. You had finished your last shift hours ago and were sleeping tightly, when a horrible blaring sound tore you out of your sleep. The sound was new to you, because you had never experienced an emergency situation in this dull place before. Red lights bathed the sleeping quarters in a phosphorescent red light. You could hear the other marines grunt sleepily and ask what the Hell was going on. Giving your watch a quick glance you saw that it was past midnight…


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The full story will be much better I'm sure - we have Mr Rick Clark among the group of writers working on it :-)

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Heh - it's gonna be great and you know it. Just wait til i get my first gory death scene. Bwahahahah!
*rubs hands evilly*

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