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walk over crusher apparently doesn't trigger in PRBoom


Action 12184 (generalized crusher - walk once - turbo - silent NO - monsters NO) is apparently broken in PrBoom

I tested some other combinations that didn't work as well, like changing speed or making it repeatable. Changing to switch, instead of walk over, did work, but didn't fit for what I was doing. 


It worked normally with ZDoom.


I had to change to the predefined option to make it work (action 6), but then there are no fast or turbo speeds.


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Sadly, the Boom developers completely forgot to implement walk-activated generalised crushers.

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Oh, that's a known bug, then. I searched a lot before posting, but didn't find anything. Thanks RjY.

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It's the kind of "known problem" that every mapper has to discover by himself. ;)


(Rarely anybody ever tries to use turbo crushers in their maps, so the problem doesn't get enough exposure to be easily searchable.)

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