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Hi-Tech Mysticism

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Alastair Montgomery, guardian of Doom Heaven, let us know about the release of a new Legacy level created by Andrew "Mystic" Mckie, Sekkusu. The map has been designed with single player in mind but is said to be suitable for deathmatch. Here is how the author describes his own work:

Sort of hi-tec looking, mostly original or modified textures,some new lamp sprites. Lots of 3D and deep water.

If this pretty short description didn't enlighten you, head to Doom Heaven's download page and check the 2 available screenshots... or, more simply, grab the zip file.

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A mistake in the text file, its from my mysticmeg which will have at least 10 levels. This wad only has one fairly large single player level with a deathmatch level integrated into it. Sorry for the mistake. Hey, you wouldnt want 10 of these anyway right?

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You will be spanked for your laziness: you don't want to make the 9 other ones... :P

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