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Shacknews Doom feature

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Shacknews just published this huge piece on Doom (the original, 2016, and everything in between) I thought y'all might enjoy reading. Viggles, Skillsaw, and I were interviewed for the section on modern WADs, which is pretty radical. It's a heck of a read, though.


Doom: To Hell and Back

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Geez, that's like a novella. Also oh hey there's my interview too!!


I'm currently off-and-on working a new vanilla Doom "map" that will show off another little-used avenue of exploiting the Doom engine, and I have various other ideas in store for the future.

And yeah this was the "Antrywey" savegame thing.

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30 minutes ago, Mordeth said:


Yeah, we haven't  seen that guy in like 20 years.

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3 hours ago, Ryathaen said:

 It's a heck of a read, though.

You're not wrong!  It's nearly 40,000 words long!


Very cool interviews though!  Well done to you, Ling, @Viggles and @skillsaw.

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Very well thought out article, even if it is a bit of a novel =). I'm flattered my Ancient Aliens map was one of the featured shots and got covered a little. I was in a slump with some other botched ideas before the thought of ruins stretching into the clouds came to mind, and nearly lost hope again when I was having trouble translating the bluish-grey hues of the textures to the palette. Turns out converting the clouds to greyscale and the sky to a monochrome shade of baby blue was surprisingly convincing enough =P. 

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5 hours ago, Linguica said:

Geez, that's like a novella.

Yeah, this looks like it should have been about 10 different articles. Actually, it looks like it is 10 different articles inexplicably on a single page. Frustrating to see what's obviously an epic piece of work torpedoed by its own bad presentation.

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Yeah, it seemed like a lot to take in so I just scrolled to find a bit that looked particularly interesting. Doomworld history and Doom mapping/modding history in general is something I always love to read about. Seems like no matter how many times it comes up, I still learn some new detail I'd never noticed or thought of before. Good stuff aside from the page being several miles long rather than a few separate pages!

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