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I my name is Matt and I have a question about Risen3D I have a 55-inch TV screen and when I trie to play Doom's Risen3D it  gave me error message ======= DEBUG INFO file G:\Risen3D\R3Ddebug.out ======== #### RISEN3D ADVISORY #### PROBLEM: The requested settings have been rejected. Please install your monitor correctly and restart


but Zdoom works just fine on my 55-inch screen 

is there anyway to fix this thanks Matt

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Try running it with "-user_ds 1920 1080" in the command line, without the quote marks ofc.

Maybe you have a resolution not supported by R3D.


The best solution would be to just go back to ZDoom though... trust me... :]

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Ok it didn't work so my next question is can I play Risen3D wads in Zdoom with Risen3D Hi-Res textures and 3D models ded


Thanks Matt 

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Good day!  You mention fixing this issue through Nvidia's control panel, but you never mentioned what you actually did.  I'm having this exact issue right now and your reply is such a tease!  If you see this please let me know what you actually did to fix this issue.



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