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(GzDOOM) Hotline U.A.C

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Hotline U.A.C is a mod based on Hotline Miami, which you kill everythugs in each area, U.A.C means : Unlawful and Anarchic Control



Diane McModua, who you keep hurt other people? Do you like it? Why you still followed your father's step after his death? Are you just ready to die and burn in hell, "Elliot"?

Number Of The Beast is the offical first chapter of Hotline U.A.C and the spinoff of Hotline Miami, this will be based on my fanfiction (you can find out in my deviantart even if there's so much mistakes)


Charaters :



Diane "Elliot" McModua (Wolf) : 
Age 29
Daughter of a fallen cop and a 50 blessings agent, she used to be a member before create the Hotline U.A.C with Manny Pardo, her only business is to find Yuri which he killed her parents in the past, sadistic, her favorite hobbies is snuff movies and torturing thugs
Likes : Video games, Snuff movies, bloodbaths, very dark humour, Pardo (that guy with THICK SKIN)
Dislikes : F.B.I, hard games, makeups
Special : Akimbo guns


Rachel "Rick" Williams (Fox) :
Age : 23
Former hooker who lose like Elliot, her family because of Russians mobsters business, she was a sexual slave until she almost been killed in a rescue. Elliot found her and gives Rick an opportunity to get revenge against the same nemesis so she joined the U.A.C for training until Yuri is dead!
Likes: Strawberries, romantic shows, wave music, farms
Dislikes: Mobsters, been forced to be a hooker
Special : Backpack (more AMMO)


Marcus "Tony" Carlson (Tiger) :
Age : 22
A black man who doesn't care of crimes which his cousin is into drugs, money and killing relatives and his mother's friends, living with his mother and his brother, his fists of fury is useful for crushes some thugs in his way. When working in the U.A.C, he's trying to hide the truth to his family.
Likes: Sport cars, muscles
Dislikes: Gangstas
Special : Killing Punches (you can still get weapons! :) )


Micheal "Fedora" Raysen (Punk) :
Age : 19
The most youngest of the U.A.C, he left his family before not stand of his parents choices about the Klu Klux Klan, lonely with some good sence of humanity, he has been hired by Elliot as psy due of her mental issues. Feeling lucky to working in the U.A.C, he bought a fedora for identify himself as an agent for forget the bad past.
Likes: Hats, video games, metal
Dislikes: Caps, Rap
Special : Lethal projectiles


There will be 2 versions

Arcade version (I'll start here first) :


-You can choose any charaters but you can't change in each level starting
-Less boring cutscenes, no intros, just ACTS cutscenes
-Jacket can be played

Director's cut :


-You will not able to choose charaters, only ACS decides which charater you will be and based on the fanfiction chapters
-Jacket will not be a playable charater
-Long cutscenes, so you will undestand everything



Gameplay mod :

-Moddb : http://www.moddb.com/mods/hotline-uac

-Dropbox (little updates monthly) : https://www.dropbox.com/s/9rgm4dagjeizqkq/Hotline UAC.wad?dl=0

-hubiC : 


Official campain :
(When it's done)

Edited by Angel-Neko_X

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Hey angel_neko X when are you going to put effort into the maps so they aren't ugly and bland as fuck anymore? It's been like 6 years surely by now you can make something that doesn't look like maps made in 1972.


I'll promise to give you another detailed review so long as you didn't hide your hand drawn furry porn in this.

Edited by Decay

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I don't want to be an asshole, but I'm going to sound like one because this is just bad on all fronts. No matter what class I pick I either have fists or a knife, IDKFA doesn't seem to give me anything else. Some classes kill shit in one hit, some take like 8 hits?? The one class that gives you a blade creates a totally blinding splash of blood. Enemies all kill you in one hit, but they don't just kill you, they send your ass flying. Nothing seems to make sense. Beating Doom with just fists/melee sounds extremely tedious.


The only positive thing I can think to say about this is "The little images when you're selecting a class don't look too bad". Other than that this is nearly unplayable.. It honestly just feels like one of those bizarre 1994 dehacked files, except those at least have the excuse of being old.. I'm sorry but I think this just needs to be taken back to the drawing board. Weapon/attack variety is a must in Doom.

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