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"Overrun", a very short single-player map

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I just wanted to inform you that I had published a very short single-player map which took me just half a day to complete.  This is just a short take to kill time for about 10 to 15 minutes of play time.  So there wasn't much effort for this map in the layout as you would see if you decided to play it.  However, I think it's very challenging in a sense, especially for one player.  The armor and health a very scarce in this one.  Apparently, you must kill the enemies to obtain armor/health in most cases.  The more you quickly kill the enemies, the more you would obtain these items.  "Keep moving" is my only advice.  Also, there isn't much weapons in this one.  There are only four weapons (besides the normal 'pistol' weapon) total in this one:  the standard shotgun, double-barrel shotgun, plasma gun, and the BFG.  You have to do a little searching for these weapons.  Also, there is one key to be used to open the 'hell' portal where you must find in order to progress further.  There is a cooperative mode on this one (of course) but limited for two players since the layout is very short.  I don't considered this map one of my best in my opinion but I think some of you may end up liking it.  Enjoy!


"Overrun" (7F8QB6A9) or can search under "ghostguy" (for more better maps from the past)


Spoilers Alert!  --  Video




Extreme Spoilers Alert! -- Video Full Gameplay



Edited by GhostGuy : Added another video link.

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