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Sell Strife to Me

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Strife is a game that I have some curiosity for, but never have had enough to make me actually give it a fair shot. I own the game already, but I want to hear your best sales pitch for why I should play it. Tell me why the game is worth my time. Conversely, if you think the game sucks and I shouldn't bother, I want to hear about that too. All opinions are welcome. Have at it!

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I actually enjoyed play Strife. So I'll do list why I enjoyed playing this game.

  • Voice acting. Other doom engine games don't have this. Nice break from silence and monster screams(they still have this,but not too often).
  • Has different endings and your actions influence the story. 
  • Hub based maps. Once you unlock other areas,you can reach them easily.
  • Guns and upgrades. Is not like Doom when you get megasphere and say "yay",in this game you need work for maximum health and armor.I found this more challenging and fun.
  • It has interractions with some objects(like breaking glass)
  • Other hacks like bridges.

Some negative sides now

  • If you randomly start shooting in starting area,everyone wakes up and shoots you. Way too sensitive.
  • No help what to do next.
  • Sometimes you can lost in map.


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Ever dreamed of murdering thousands of technically innocent mechanized humans?

Save a bunch of townsmen that somehow go on with the life cycle even though there's no women around?

Enjoy blasting holes in very large machines but can't because you'd go to jail?

I present you, The Original Strife: Quest For The Sigil: Veteran Edition!.


Yes!, The Original Strife: Quest For The Sigil: Veteran Edition!, (not) the only game where you can do this and MORE!



How many times in your life have you been bored from the eternal emptyness of other games?

There's only you and the bad guys, NOT IN The Original Strife: Quest For The Sigil: Veteran Edition!

Bully the weakened Townsfolk, join the Rebels and destroy The Order, (not) all in high quality (for the 90's), and (not) all fully voiced.



Don't you just hate it when your neighbors are having a nice, familiar BBQ while you're sitting alone contemplating why your wife left you?

Take out your anger by drilling holes unto the flesh of zealous cultists, cyborgs, robots, alien ghosts and your own boss!

YES!, YOU GET TO SHOOT (as in, the rebel's) BOSS!




ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE! (with your previous purchase of The Original Strife: Quest For The Sigil: Veteran Edition).


ALSO ASK FOR THE The Original Strife: Quest For The Sigil: Veteran Edition 4-PACK WITH A DISCOUNT!



Good enough?

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The veteran edition is nice on its own, dunno if there's any compatibility issues with using veteran edition iwads, but i'd much rather play in gzdoom.

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1 hour ago, YukiHerz said:

The veteran edition is nice on its own, dunno if there's any compatibility issues with using veteran edition iwads, but i'd much rather play in gzdoom.

As far as I am aware, the actual IWAD is the same, they have a separate one for the additional content that I believe is only compatible with Veteran Edition.

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You either enjoy the story or end up hiding in a bar punching an infinite number of guards until you die. Win\Win either way!

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I personally couldn't get much interest out of strife. The game is seemingly nonlinear, its often unclear what you're supposed to be doing, and even worse when interacting with high profile NPCs, when the correct responses aren't always obvious and often times result in certain inescapable death.


For the record in a massive doom fan, and never completed Hexen either, so take from my review what you will.

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Strife is (kinda like/very simmiliar to) Deus Ex BUT IN 2.5D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Since not many people have actually tried to sell Strife, I'll take a shot at it:


Calling Strife an "FPS with RPG elements" is sort of meaningless; that label has been applied to a zillion games, many of which are horrible and most of which are nothing like Strife. It has some leveling elements, but they don't really matter. In combat terms, Strife is basically a pure FPS, but it also has sequences where you explore, talk to people, and buy things instead of fighting, and it has a story that lets you interact with a large number of characters. These sequences are usually short, and personally I loved the change of pace and the ability to buy supplies if I was low. The best part was getting fake clearance to enter secure areas and being able to scope out the whole level as an undercover agent and locate key targets before (sometimes mandatory, sometimes optionally) going back and taking out all the enemies. I don't remember ever getting lost or not being sure what I was supposed to do -- you just have to go everywhere and talk to everybody. And save before you do anything stupid, because duh.


I also really enjoyed the combat, but you have to be open to seeing yourself as more of a special ops agent and less of a rampaging invincible berserker. Stealth and cover are sometimes more important than dodging, but I think the game executes this type of combat well and it doesn't feel boring or cheesy. The enemies are interesting (about as many types as Doom 1 or Heretic, but each one is distinct), and the weapons are fantastic -- there are lots of them, each one has a purpose, and there are some nice variants, such as the alternate crossbow ammo that instantly kills human enemies but doesn't do anything to robots, or the alternate incendiary ammo for the grenade launcher that's basically like lobbing a flamethrower across the room (and iirc, Strife does have burning death sequences for some enemies).


The setting is generic campy post-apocalypse, but the designers did a good job with it. The story isn't super unique, but it's well-written and has a few nice little twists, and it definitely made Strife a more memorable game. The art isn't quite as good as Doom's, but they spent a lot more time on character art -- there are lots of unique NPCs and bosses, and some of them look really cool, like the Oracle or the cyborg Bishop. Overall I'd say it's my least favorite Doom-engine game, but the other three are some of my favorite games, so that isn't saying much. In terms of design, I'd say it's better than the Raven iwads, because all of the different elements work together really well. Basically it has all the charm of a good '90s era FPS game, PLUS some of the charm of a good '90s era RPG like Ultima Underworld.

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