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Tlacopan (my first Boom-format map, tribute to Plutonia MAP03)

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-Supposed to be a part of community project which has been abandoned.
-Imagination of Plutonia MAP03 "Aztec", no copy-paste, but same shapes and techniques (MAP03 is one of my favourites)
-Boom-compatible source port required, with Doom 2 as main IWAD, new map is MAP01.
-New skybox and MIDI (Slayer - Dead Skin Mask)
-Build time - 12 days.






Download here:

Or here:


P.S. I hope there are less nasty traps and switchhunting like in Urania, some people raged on this, I know.
Not many Boom features are used, anyway I still hanging out with this, though I already made 40+ vanilla and limit removing maps.
Especially in Boom I like tricks with voodoo dolls on moving floors.
Will be happy if someone uploads demo playtrough.

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Cool map. Feels like a more complex version of Aztec. Difficulty is fun but still challenging. I've attached an FDA. Got all the kills but 5/7 secrets. It's also over 45 minutes long because my navigation and puzzle-solving was not very good. Apparently -longtics doesn't work for cl9 either so my mouse precision and aiming was way off.


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Actually, making of this map motivates me change format of my next map pack from limit-removing to Boom.

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