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DOPADOOM2.WAD (5 Boom Maps)

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Hello again. I made a thread about my ultimate doom maps of last year a few months ago. Now here's some of the old doom 2 ones (the ones I don't consider terrible).

Once more, all of my maps are made for pistol start, continuous play may mess with the balance. Tested with gzdoom and prboom. Feedback is always appreciated but above all else I hope you have fun.


Known Bugs: I hope you're not allergic to slime trails.


Download Link






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(the ones I don't consider terrible).



Definitely not terrible.  Keep up the good work.  Thanks.

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In sum, I wasn't feeling 01-03 very much, but I liked 04-05. 


01: I played this one after 02 because at first I wasn't in the mood for platforming. I think it's a risky decision to start a non-hardcore mapset with all of that, I think. The separate loop just to get the green armor rubbed me the wrong way. All of that subsides shortly afterwards, thankfully. The tower imps are annoying to kill, even though they add to a mildly fun 'projectile heck' scenario at first. The action is probably too straightforward for its own good, even for a map01. Here's a soothingly paced max


02: There are some infinite height issues (monsters below the first jump if you don't drop down immediately after alerting them, the spectres in the water pit around the jump to the yellow key). Also when you use that sort of fight where a floor moves a long distance up or down and monsters gradually warp in, it's a bad idea to have it so that if the player happens to be standing in the wrong place at the wrong time, a monster can warp in and immediately hit them with an unavoidable melee attack. In spite of those issues I felt this was a okay map, pretty, with a few fun encounters. The best map of the first three, which honestly I found quite underwhelming. 


03: Cute concept. There are bits of map geometry that poke in on the playspace. I'd get rid of those. What I see as a massive flaw with the map is that you are telling me to GO!!, but if I run down the entire length of the level and reach the teleporter back to the start within about 25 seconds, I'm going to be surrounded by the revenants that are unleashed at the start in chase, which haven't been given enough time to leave. That is pretty ironic. :) It's survivable, because you can switch to the plasma rifle, but if you take around 30-35 seconds to get back, everything goes as intended and you can spam rockets into the 64-wide door, which is the most efficient way to kill all the revs. So the map doesn't reward speed at all, and in fact it punishes it in a way the player can't predict. That completely goes against what the player would assume. (In my first playthrough this didn't happen, because I play lackadaisically sometimes, but it did in a couple of casual attempts at getting a fast time afterwards, and many players who 'get' the concept might end up running into this.) As is, I think the map is conceptually broken (and a dud) because of that.


04: Second best map in the set. @scifista42 would love the texture theme. Confusing layout but not impossible. Fun and leisurely fights. Lots of creative mechanisms; I especially liked what happened in the room that had a medkit, backpack, and ammo box on pillars. I notice there was a room from which progression was gated by a shoot-activated lift. You have to wonder what happens when the player doesn't have any shells or bullets. :) Running out of ammo is not likely, but it's not impossible either. Putting a backup desperation method in place is a really good idea.


05: Best map in the set. These last two maps are way better than 01-03. Kind of glad I persisted with it. Again, fun and relaxing action, very zany reveals. The start image paired with the music is solid comedy, the BK fight is strong, and that secret cyber is A++. Not much else to say. I might revisit this one for fun. 01-03 would benefit from a lot of work to get up to the quality of 04. 


Edited by rdwpa

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Thanks for the kind words Ed_Deth and thanks for the feedback rdwpa.


Your ranking of the maps are the same as mine.

The first 3 maps are the oldest in the set (the third one just being a joke based on the midi). I considered touching them up, but I might as well work on new maps instead.

I'm happy with 4 and 5, so I'm glad you like those. 


After a few months I'll probably make a final compilation wad like this for the cc4-tex maps I made towards the end of the year. Should be another 5 or so maps.

And then I'll be out of maps! Oh dear.


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