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Slade & ZDBSP node builder options


What settings are best for the First Time SLADE Setup using ZDBSP as your node builder?

Should I check any of these?

Build GL nodes (full)

Build GL nodes (fast)

Build only GL nodes

Compressed nodes (all)

Compressed nodes (not GL)

Write empty BLOCKMAP

Write empty REJECT

Write zero REJECT

Don't write REJECT

Extended nodes

Add UDMF index comments


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Can you tell us about the type of mapping you'll be doing? Like what is your intended source port? None of those should be required for standard vanilla map editing.


You can take a look at all the command line switches here if you want to know what they are for: https://zdoom.org/wiki/ZDBSP

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@EarthQuake At this time, I'm working on a boom compatible wad that will probably have a fair amount of detailing. In the future, I'll be creating zdoom or gzdoom 3d maps, possibly with 3d models. Both will include custom textures, flats, and sprites.


Thanks for the reply!

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