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Can the player target projectiles?


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Yeah, it's doable, even with basic DeHackEd editing


In Bonnie's first wad, which is the last time I've seen it, one of the numerous changes to the gameplay is that revenant missiles are now shootable. What revenant missiles look like in Whacked4: http://i.imgur.com/SSDg51l.png


The relevant changes are that HP is set to 20 (from 1000, although irrelevant since they aren't normally shootable), the 'shootable' flag is assigned, and 'puffs (vs. bleeds)' is ticked off.


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I can't say I've seen this up to this point. Something makes me wonder if it would be possible to fake it by way of having "lost-soul-ish projectiles" with 1HP, that also self-destruct on impact. Not sure if that's possible, let alone I have no idea as to how that would look like in terms of code, but maybe this approach is a good place to start?

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