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Strangest Thing

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well it has to do with my computer's volume controls, and it started only about a week ago. what happened was this; i would turn the speaker volume all the way up but they would only be half as loud as they should be. at first i thought they might be broken. when i opened up the master volume levels, however, the wav volume was only at half it's volume. i turned it back up and everything was normal again.

next time i turned my computer on it was back. so now, it does that all the time. also, on top of that, when i use winamp, after every song the wav volume goes all the way down.

i'm clueless as to what i should do now. if anyone can help me out, please do. thanks ;)

oh one more thing. i'm using XP, and since no other windows version i have used did this, maybe it's an XP problem?

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WinAmp controls master volume (or maybe thats wave volume). So maybe you need to fuck with the WinAmp volume a bit.

BTW, did I ever tell you about the time I almost killed my monitor by waving a screwdriver in it's general direction. Same kind of intelligence at work here.

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Dan, dude there has been so many times where i almost blew up my screen with a screw driver the only thing that might be different from what you are doing was i had the damn thing open heh

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Heh...you missed my whole rant on my magic magnetic screwdriver. It was pretty funny, in retrospect, though it just pissed me off when it happened.

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