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Jaws In Space

Perdition's Gate 2 pre development thread

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Perdition's Gate 2 texture pack alpha


Hello everybody & welcome to the Perdition's Gate 2 pre development thread. I'm sure a few of you have notice that over the past few month's I have mentioned & that I've been gathering resources for a fan sequel to Perdition's Gate. Now just a quick note, the final name of this project isn't going to be Perdition's Gate 2 I'm not Tom Mustaine & unless he shows up & gives permission for me to call it that this project will be call Perdition's Gate: (insert subtitle here), I'm just calling it Perdition's Gate 2 right now for the sake of simplicity & to avoid any confusion as to what this project is intended to be.


Over the past few weeks I have been compiling a custom texture pack, the vast majority of these textures are from the Scythe series & TNT: Revilution, with a few outliers from various other map sets. Right now I'm at a point where I'm just about ready to get this project underway, but I want some feedback on the texture pack first. Also I'd like some thoughts from others on the direction I want to take this project.


Now I'm going to be doing an experiment with this Megawad, some of you may know that I can't stand how long it takes to get a full 32 map megawad completed, several years is pretty much guaranteed for a project like this. On the other hand I have found that smaller maps sets like the Bloody Rust series that I have been leading can be completed in just a few month's time. So for Perdition's Gate 2 I want to try to complete the megawad in increments of 11 or so maps. Around June 1st I will be starting the Perdition's Gate 2 Maps 1-11 development thread, then when that is complete I will start the Maps 12-20 development thread & then then the map 21-32 development thread, or something along those lines. The themes & texture packs for maps 12-32 will be revealed as each set of maps is completed.


Anyways Maps 1-11 of Perdition's Gate 2 are going to be Egyptian themed, divided up into 2 distinct styles. So I would like some feedback from folks interested in mapping for this project to let me know if I should remove or add any textures into the set that I compiled. Also for those who make textures I will take any variants of Perdition's Gate textures that you may have or any that you want to make.


My overall goal for this project is to continue the legacy of small, faced paced maps that are well suited for speed running, so vanilla is the intended format here. As I already stated Maps 1-11 will be Egyptian themed, but will be subdivided into maps 1-6 & maps 7-11. Maps 1-6 are to be Egyptian themed, done in the Tom / Tom & Bob Mustaine style only. Tom Mustaine has a very distinct mapping style that is relatively easy to emulate, this isn't intended to be DTWID levels of emulation, but I should be able to look at any of the submitted maps & say yeah I can see that being made by Tom Mustaine. Then for maps 7-11, the theme is still Egyptian in nature, but where maps 1-6 should be mostly Egyptian, maps 7-11 should be a  mix of ancient Egyptian & futuristic UAC base. Also these maps do not have to be exclusively Mustaine in style. Other mappers styles that I will accept into the wad will be those know for their smaller maps, those mappers being Jimmy Sieben, Adam Windsor, Thomas van der Velden, & Erik Alm. When submitting maps, just mention who you are emulating. One mapper who's style I will not accept is that of Mackey McCandlish, even though he participated in the first Perdition's Gate, his maps are sub par & are not worth emulating for this project. I do not want any remakes of any Perdition's Gate maps, but I will accept maps that have you revisiting areas from Perdition's Gate, for example the teleport room as seen in both maps 11 & 15.


I addition to mapping I also need some graphic artists & midi composers to flesh out the non mapping aspects of the wad. Such as with making the TITLEPIC, M_DOOM, & INTERPIC, among other things. Then midi composers I will take anything Tom Mustaine or Perdition's Gate inspired, or anything Egyptian sounding, also Tom Mustaine midi remakes will be accepted.


So if you want to map for this start looking through the texture pack to get some ideas & start studying the style of the mapper you want to emulate. You may use this time to start mapping, but that being said this is not the final iteration of the texture pack so keep that in mind. Expect mapping proper to start in about 1 month's time, or when I release TNT: Revilution. The only map slot that I will allow claims for is map 01, otherwise just make a map for the maps 1-6 theme or the maps 7-11 theme & I will then arrange the maps by theme & difficulty. For now only 1 map per person, but depending on how many people sign up I may expand that to more. Also a final note consider 4shockblast to be an authority on this project, he is far more familiar with Perdition's Gate & speed running than I could possibly be so I'm sure he will gladly give out some insight if he happens to spot this thread.


I hope to get this project underway soon & I look forward to working on a new project with a fresh set of mappers over the coming year or two.

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perdition's gate and hell to pay are my favorite wads ever but this seems very strange and confusing and aw jeez :(

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Perdgate's the best. I've been aching to break into mapping in a serious way. Hope this can get some steam and I'll do my best to scrape something together. 

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Calling shot on this being the Mordeth Award winner.
in 2025!
The Curse of the unauthorized but still pull put together sequels goes on!

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I even not played original Perdition's Gate. Also not many people know what is this wad.

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8 hours ago, riderr3 said:

I even not played original Perdition's Gate. 

well you frickin should


perdition's gate (and hell to pay, its sister wad) is heckin awesome

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Whoa, parallel thinking at its finest!


Perdition's Gate was a major inspiration for me in my earlier mapping endeavors. I too, at one point had some ideas for a mapping project for an unofficial Perdition's Gate tribute that I was going to title Perdition's Gate: Reanimation that I never followed through.


As far as graphics go, I didn't get very far beyond this:


Title splash



Recolored INTERPIC



M_DOOM graphic



I had a pretty thorough plan for it which I don't have anymore. I think it was a little too convoluted and it would have driven people away if Perdition's Gate didn't have many fans, and if there were any, It would depend on them having enough free time to get involved in such a project. But the general idea was to form a community project that involved 3 stages mappers could join:


1. Create Deathmatch layout

2. Convert Deathmatch to single player / coop map

3. Detailing, bugfixing, etc.


I didn't think to use textures outside the base texture pack, excepting maybe a few recolors. I thought the original resource was plenty IMO. I later decided to focus on an unofficial STRAIN look alike that became Mutiny instead.

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You sure like being a busy Doom community project man, don't you Jaws?


I liked the original Perdition's Gate (alongside TVR!) for being a short megawad you could play through in one session over say 3-5 hours. It made for a nice change from megawads that usually require a lot more time commitment to play through. That and Perdition's Gate was fun with its tightly designed levels.


So a sequel would be great to see, as long as it captures the spirit of being short and quick and fun to play, and doesn't suddenly end up having a map that takes an hour to beat somewhere. Best of luck Jaws!

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