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Looks and is played as a beginner's work, but the fact that there are a lot of inclined geometry on the map is encouraging. The desire for greater detail I find commendable. The levitating cube in the central part of the map is a very bright move, but in fact this is all that the map is remembered for. I find the general visual series too confused and containing a lot of "eccentric" solutions, which makes the atmosphere not serious. Probably the biggest drawback is the uniformity of sector lighting. The situation could be improved by dynamic lighting. It would be worth paying attention to this cool thing.


In the future, it would be worth paying more attention to the organicness and accuracy of texturing. I noticed quite a few moments of "cut" textures. For example, a doors with a yellow key. New music also would be useful. The gameplay is quite artless, which did not stop me from staying with 2 hp, fighting with a chaingunner ... I also saw HOMs on the columns near the blue key.


If this is the "first attempt", then it is quite good ...


Doom_Font_Green_Arrow.png  First Demo Attempt GZDoom 2.4.0

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I've had other maps prior. Give me a bit to comprehend what you said and I'll get back to you.


demo desync due to map updates on my end.

Edited by SArais

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Just posting to update the status. It's not being updated anymore. Cancelled, like every other map I have.


Also apparently the map builder screenshot is gone? Whatever.

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