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NH7 (4 vanilla maps - updated 4/26)

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played the first map so far (fda attached). took about a dozen deaths but I eventually got it. I elected to watch the demos for the subsequent maps before I will attempt them :).


Really liked it, though the difficulty felt a bit front-loaded (I think the initial rev containment + 2 cacos was the hardest part). This could probably be done reality even, though it might uncomfortably rely on chaingunner rng.


Lovely midi choices, btw. I hung out on the intermission screen for awhile to hear the whole tune, good stuff. Also, clever usage of cwilv graphics.


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i must admit ive just downloaded and watched the demos so far; not played :p

is the re-using of each map's areas in the next a coherent plan? i can imagine a horrible continuous playthrough where you have to do a whole episode in the same nightmarish cavern with only 100hp total!

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