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Eagle Speedmapping Session 2 - King Double!

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I just ran a compilation.


I want to draw your attention to the fact that the map 07 (Quick Jim) contains a lot of HOM and errors of switch texturing. Anyway under GZDoom. The "blue" and "yellow" walls ... um ... not too obvious a decision not to designate them. Only if the author specifically did not try to confuse the player. :) Because of the confusion, I used cheats. And I can't finish it, because exit portal will not work...


At the last level (Temple Of Heck), I could not return to the center of the map, after selecting the blue key. I do not know why. I used the cheat ...


I came across a flaw in my map, because of which you can greatly reduce the passage... Well, I was in a hurry ... ;]


All other maps are passed normally. Some with moderate difficulty. Others make you nervous. The work turned out excellent.
30 minutes of my passing:


Doom_Font_Green_Arrow.png  First Demo Attempt GZDoom 2.4.0

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I don't like so much the title screen music, tbh.


Also found this sector bugs in MAP07:



And this sky transfter bug in MAP13:




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The title screen music is for goofs anyway.


I'll look into the MAP14 bug of the door not opening. I was sure I had fixed it. EDIT: I put a door open action when I needed to put a floor lower action. I'm actually stupid.

MAP07 had that really weird effect, yes. I'll look and see why is it so, and if @NEANDERTHAL agrees, that I can fix it.

About MAP13's sky transfer, I'll look into that too.


Thanks @StormCatcher.77 and @Walter confetti for playing the compilation and letting me know about the bugs!

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3 minutes ago, everennui said:

Theme is, "Theme?"

E1 (techbases) of Doom, E2 (Bases with hellish twists) of Doom, E3 (Hell) of Doom?

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@DoomLover234 fixed the sky transfer, those were just 2 sectors that weren't supposed to be part of the sky poundofspaghetti4.zip


also i fixed my temple of heck, i included a way to open the door that works and also fixed the door leading outside being pegged or unpegged or something it was wrong speedtemple2.zip


i have two suggestions on the wad: 1. consider adding the names of the authors to the automap names because the intermission screen goes to fast for me to see the name and 2. fix all of map07

Edited by bonnie

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1 hour ago, DoomLover234 said:

TO DO LIST (this post will be edited)

- Arachnotrons are stuck on Necrumwarrior's map

I can't make any fixes til tomorrow so you're welcome to play with their placement or just replace them if they just don't work. I thought I gave them just enough space. 

1 hour ago, DoomLover234 said:

There isn't any "Tectonic Arachnotronic" sequel here anyway.

Mmmmm, that feels good... 

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Pre-release available, featuring:

- A kinda fixed version of MAP07 - deleted ugly Mancubus+Hell Knight closets in the air, gave a purpose to a monster closet behind you and fixed the rocket launcher area to make in devoid of HOMs

- Updated the following maps: MAP04 (Arachnotrons replaced by Mancubi), MAP14 (fixed the sky transfer) and MAP14 (fixed the stuckening problem)


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https://www.twitch.tv/videos/140889793 = my playthrough of all 14 maps. (before the pre-release update just now, UV, pistol starts)


This was better than the previous Eagle session in terms of overall quality.....bar NEANDERTHAL's horribly HOM-buggy map.


The highlights for me were Pinchy's map, both of Bonnie's maps and Surreily's multiple episode theme mish-mash! I felt a couple of maps didn't really bother with the Ultimate Doom E1-E3 theme requirement and just did whatever, but overall the maps were fun to play through......and yes, it felt weird (and strangely satisfying) to play my own finished map as part of this project! It was also nice to see one or two more established mappers joining in the fun this time around.


I look forward to this continuing to be a monthly & regular thing Doomlover234.....I may take part again in a future instalment. ;)

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Thanks Suitepee as always for doing a stream of the maps! I didn't know you even streamed, but hey, I'll be sure to catch the stream next time around.

I won't even bother to answer some of the chat's questions though.


Also the now-readme midi (the intermission midi from before) needs more love, it's Bach for fucks sake...


(also yey somebody liked my map!)

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