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Search all code in a wad


I have been slowly teaching myself to read doom code by making a bunch of edits to the brutal doom code and one problem keeps coming up. That problem is when something is referenced and I have no idea where to look for it. Now when that something is built into zdoom I can just look it up on the zdoom wiki but then other times it something within the mode itself but in another file. Is there any way in slade or some other editor to find the code for the thing being referenced? For example I was looking at the code in the brutal doom starter back map set and found the code for the first boss’s attack (ACTOR BossBelphAttack: BaronBall) the damage type is listed as HKFT. HKFT is not in the zdoom wiki so it must be something defined in the wad itself but how to I go about looking for it without having to ask the forums every time I see something I want to edit.

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In the bottom right corner of Slade is a Find + Replace button. You can use that to search each text lump (or text file in a pk3) one a a time. I believe that's the best you can do. Brutal Doom is notorious for hard-to-read code, as you are experiencing.

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