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Where I Upload my wad?


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When i upload my WAD i usually Use Mediafire and post it in the forums before in the IDGames Archives.


Though if you are asking how to UPLOAD your wad into the IDGames Archives, you will need FileZilla


Aquarius199 has a tutorial video on how to put your wad into the IDGames Archives here you have it



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1 minute ago, Nine Inch Heels said:

Zip it, and put it in a seperate thread, or use dropbox or something like that.



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6 minutes ago, Slimz said:

Its a bit confusing... But easy way?

It's just an ordinary FTP server, they are as easy to navigate as your own hard-drive. That thread tells you everything you need to upload to /idgames, if that's what you want to do.

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IDGames is usually the final destination of any wad. Because you need to email confirmation of everything you upload, it's a slow process, so generally people use only to upload the absolute final version of a file.


For any betas, test versions or simply first releases you're after feedback on, use any public upload service. I personally use OneDrive or ModDB, but any will do.

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