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Esham the Unholy

Midi Question

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I have this death metal midi that I made from a converter, although there are no guitars or drums, just pianos. I can vaguely make out each part and I'm thinking if there is any possible way to change the instruments in an editor or something somehow.

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Did you convert an MP3 to a MIDI, or something else? AFAIK those converter work in a weird way... they convert songs to MIDI so that they, when played, produce a sound that comes as close to the original as possible while only using MIDI instruments. Unfortunately, in most cases that means that they don't actually convert every single note played by every single instrument on the original track (because a converter has no REAL way of telling all the different instruments apart) and therefore it sounds like a weird mess. But if you listen closely, it kind of resembles the original track in a weird way.

An example of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY6h3pKqYI0



The best way to have an existing song as a MIDI track is to make it yourself (with Anvil Studio for instance, like Glaice suggested). There are a lot of websites out there that have already done this for you, however. If your Death Metal band is a well known one, there's a good chance someone will already have taken the time to make a MIDI rendition of the song you're looking for.


If, however, your converted midi has decent notes that don't sound too awful, you can seperate the notes from the different instruments and put them into individual tracks and select the correct MIDI instrument for them. But since it can be hard to tell which notes belong to which instrument (because the converted MIDI probably just crammed all the notes into one track), this might be a tedious process.


Good luck! I hope I could be of some help.

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Another avenue would be to open the MIDI file in a Hex editor, find the number corresponding to the patch number of the particular track you want to change and change it to either 1D or 1E.

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I used Anvil a bit and it seems easy if I can get the hang of the different notes and whatnot, can't read music if it is relevant (which I'm sure it most likely is), I'm downloading Sekaiju at the moment to try this one out and compare the two. I really hope to make these since I can't find the songs I want that already have been made, most of them sound kind of crappy in my opinion and a vast majority of the other songs I want don't exist. Matter in fact I'm planning on making my first wad for release eventually and I hope my experience pays off, sort of stepping into another realm for me.

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