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Best way to handle ambient sounds?

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Hey all!


I am working on a map that relies highly on action and atmosphere. When working on atmosphere, sound is crucial! Now I already have the OGG files I want to use for the sounds (computers humming, steam pipes blowing etc) and I want to play them when players enter certain rooms.


What is the best way to do this? I currently use PlaySound and it works but I want the sounds to be location specific. As in, when I move further away from the source of the sound effect, I want the sound effect to become quieter. I use GzDoomBuilder.


I got a degree in programming so no need to go easy on me in terms of coding language.

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1 minute ago, leodoom85 said:

If you want permanent and quieter sounds for the map, you should use the SNDINFO lump to define the sounds. Hope that this helps...


I know, that's what I did and the sounds are working fine. But the problem is that I want the sounds to be location specific. When you stand near a computer console, the beeps should become louder. Move away from the console and the sounds should become softer. Giving the illusion that you move further away from the sound source.

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Ah, then use the ambient sound thing in GZDB (14001 or 14065, if you already defined the sounds in SNDINFO) and put the minimum value for the distance (you have a minimum fading distance and a maximum fading distance). You can try and find the correct setting for it.

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The Ambient_sound page on the ZDoom wiki lists all possible methods to use ambient sounds in ZDoom (well it's also possible to create actors that play sounds, like the Strife actor WaterDropOnFloor, but it's probably simpler to use a dedicated method).



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