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My First Ever WAD! Feedback needed (video)

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Hey all,


After spending lots of hours with Snapmap (200+ total. Maybe you played my level once, The Last of Doom?), I decided to go back to Classic Doom and have some fun with Doom Builder.


I soon realised just how flexible it is. Being able to do pretty much anything without limitations is amazing. A got a friend to assist me with this (hes doing some custom texture work for the WAD) and went for it.


The result is in the video below. I use Project Bruality for the video (sorry I know people hate it!). Usually when testing, I play the game full vanilla to test map balance and such. I also made some modifications to the game myself through ACS and modding. The zombie sounds have been replaced by Fear Replica chatter for example, I just love their voices lol.


I could go with some feedback though! Compared to the real pro's out there, I have a looooooooooong way to go!


(FYI I put the keycard at the beginning to skip to the newer section of the level)



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