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Naked Snake


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After walking down a long hallway you find a switch.You press it and the wall raises with an annoying screeching sound.You walk back out into the hall you were just in.You go around the corner and see a large door.You think.30 bullets for your Colt .45 and 16 shells for your shotgun.You pull out your shotgun and ready yourself for anything.Inside the courtyard is more brown monsters and a huge red ball with an eye.The monsters howl and walk forth,one tossing a fireball at you.You jump up and pull the door down.The ball hits the door and burns right through.You put your shotgun through the hole and start firing.Three of the brown creatures die.The other gets some pellets in its shoulder.It screams in fury,its red eyes blazing.The monster behind it shoots a fireball from its mouth.The ball strikes the brown demon in the back,Frying it.The big red ball monster flys up high and you open fire with your Colt figuring you should save ammo.You empty two full clips into it.No ammo for your pistol and 13 shells in your shotgun.Damn.You open the door again.Looking around the courtyard you find a chainsaw and a box of clips,5 clips inside.You put the chainsaw on your back and open another door.The long hallway is filled with large pink things.One notices you and rushes forth.You whip out the chainsaw and cut its arm off,splashing blood on your visor.You activate voice command to wipe the visor as you shove the blade into the face of the monster.Its blood splaters all over,your face,the wall and ground and grey brains drip out of the large hole in its head.The other rushes forth,mouth wide and its eyes blazing in rage and hated.You shove the blade into its stomach,gutting the large creature.Its intestines spill out,ripped and tathered.After stepping over the bodies you walk down the hall.You find the bodie of a marine.His name tag was burned off by one of those fireball spewing demons.He has a rocket launcher in his hands.The side is burnt and is not operational but he has 2 rockets loaded in it.You grab the rockets and put them in your pocket.You open the next door which leads you into a large room.It looks like a room for sacrifices.There is many pedestals,one has a heart on it.You find a clip and a box of shells."Yes" you shout out.The next door has claw marks and blood on it,making you a little uneasy.You open the door and find three of the fire monsters inside.They roar and charge you,one landing on you.It raises its hand to swipe your head off.You put your Colt in its mouth and fire,killing it.You roll it off you and un-sling the shotgun.You blast a hole in the first ones chest,the other moves to avoid your shot.You fire again knocking its head clean off.Entering the room in which the monsters had been in you notice a wall that sits higher off the ground.Pushing the wall it moves up,revealing a working rocket launcher with 2 rockets in it.You scoop it up and sling it over your shoulder along with the shotgun and chainsaw.The next room contains a teleporter pad.You step on ready for anything...even death...




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Hey, bigbad, this ain't so bad. I want to see you do one about E2M2, Containment Area.

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